your help again if you have the time...

  1. being new to this forum and being pleasently surprised at all the wonderful information here I wanted to ask you guys if you knew of any US purse stores that send up to canada...Im having a hard time finding any dept store that sends up bloomingdales do not...sadly alot any help will be much appricated.

  2. Yes, you have to do the live Chat or call them directly and they'll sort you out. I've ordered shoes from them tons of times!
  3. thanks alot...I become so dissapointed when I see something I really like and then find out they dont mail outside of the states...

    btw...can you explain the code thingy?
  4. You'll find a lot of online sites that will mail to Canada. Be careful of the customs fees though...they can add quite a bit onto your "great deal".
  5. thats my biggest the end I may pay more then just staying here and shopping...according to my local paper people in Canada may have a long wait for their purchases from the US because it all just sitting at the border waiting for inspection...
  6. Hi. I am from Canada too. It doesn't take THAT long to get to you. I have found that it averages about a week from the time that it shipped. Sometimes it is even faster. As for customs, we pay 10% tax on goods that are made in the USA plus GST and PST and 25% on goods made elsewhere, plus GST and PST. As for sites that ship to us:
    neimanmarcus (telephone orders, not online)
    net a porter
    There is also an online boutique called that is based out of Canada. They carry some great clothing although the bags department is quite lacking. Good luck! Let us know what you buy!
  7. Also, don't forget to factor in the brokerage fees for the courier. THOSE are killer!
  8. I don't think so. Their site says that they are currently unable to ship internationally.
  9. I havent had time this weekend to do any shopping online, I shall try a bit later...however I did have time to go to Winners last night and was having a wonderfully quiet minute to myself ( no sons with me) when two ladies started to fight over a wasent even a nice bag for pete sake!

    thank you all for your site addys, it SOOOooo apprciate....

    have any of you shopped at the site in the banner that said " eye candy" Im liking the purple bag..looks fun..