Your Hairstylist has Ruined Your Hair !!!

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  1. How would you handle it ?
  2. thanks to my curly hair, i have had LOTS of baaaad haircuts in my life. if the style just ended up more drastic than i thought, i would sleep on it for a couple days and see if the style or color grows on me. if it's actually the wrong color or the cut is technically wrong (uneven layers, bangs too long or too blunt, etc), i would go back to the salon explain what you don't like and let them or another stylist in the salon attempt to fix it. it should be free. if it was a cut that is just too short, there's not much you can do...cry and wait for it to grow. :\

    i hope it's not that bad. a bad haircut is the pits. :\
  3. The night before prom (10 so years ago), my hairstylist for many years decided she was going to surprise me with a "knock 'em dead hairdo." She added hair extensions and gave me long crimped (known as freeze curls) in the back. When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked. When I went home, I bursted into tears. The hairdo from the front was so high, people could have mistaken me for Elvira (similar to pic below I found on a site). The thing is... my hair was much higher...kid you not...I thought I had the Sears Tower or Empire State Building on top of my head.
    I cried and cried. The pounds of weave she put in my hair I could barely keep my head up straight because it was so darn heavy. Sleeping was unbearable. I literally had to fall asleep like this:


    I was a teen so I did not have enough guts to tell her to her face that I hated it and did not want her near my hair to even attempt to redo it. Eventually, I did manage to get someone else to re-do the morning of the prom. She was a great hairstylist until this fiasco happened. I did get enought courage to tell her weeks after prom was over. She was a good trooper about it. I allowed her to do my hair (braids though) and then we eventually lost contact.

  4. Not yet - i trust her with my life! And if it all went wrong, i would just shave it all off!!!
  5. Ah!, that JUST happened to me yesterday! I've been going to my hairdresser for years, and yesterday I told him I would trust his judgement about a shorter style. Well, he took about 2 inches off, and messed with my side bangs, so my hair resembles a befuddled rockstar!:sick:
  7. As a hairdresser,I sure want to know if I have done something to upset my client and would do everything in my power to fix it. I lost many a nights sleep going over every one of the heads of hair I had done that day,trying to see if I could have done better. Having said that,it is nearly impossible for me to get people to cut my hair right,so I usually do it myself for 6 months,and then have someone do it once. And it has been cut too short every time. The nice thing is,it grows back,so I just let it go .:biggrin:
  8. I've been through several stylist........I've had them chop literally down to an inch of my hair off when I ask for a trim!!!:amazed: :evil: :mad: I ask one for highlights and she put the bleach in my hair then said it was late and I'd have to come back the next day to put the toner in!!!:huh: So I walked around with white hair for a night.
  9. For junior prom, I went to the usual lady that does my hair. I told her specifically what I wanted. The entire time, I was a little nervous because it looked like she was doing something kinda weird. When she finished I just nodded and pained...and then as soon as I got into the car I burst into tears. I cried on the entire drive home too. When I got home my dad asked me why I was crying and I told him, and he forced me to go back and have her do whatever I wanted even though I didn't want to because I thought she would hate me forever. My dad told me that I paid money and she should have listened to what I told her instead of doing something else. For senior prom this year...I'm getting my hair somewhere else.
  10. I'd demand that they re-do it, its never been ruined, but if its not to my liking they dont really give me crap about having to do it again :biggrin:
  11. In like the 10th grade I had to go to a formal at the last minute and couldn't get an appointment. So, my mom drove me around to where she worked and we found a place but it was just closing. So, we said can you do my hair or are you closing? The lady working there was all oh no. I'll do your hair. So, my mom says just blow it out straight. She leaves to get parking. She starts washing my hair and doing really weird stuff to it. Then says look at it. I'm done. It was not straigthened. It was curly. I looked like a poodle! So my mom came and refused to pay and we just left. I wound up finding someone a few blocks down, though, that did a great job.
  12. More importantly, how would you handle it? ;)
  13. This happened to me once while I was in my last year of High School, thankfully it was in the beginning of the year so my hair had time to grow. It was HORRIBLE. And by horrible I mean...the guy gave me a MULLET! and then wanted to two-tone my hair with the top being dark brown and the bottom a bright pumpkin orange (as he called it) so think asian girl with a mullet (thank goodness i high-tailed it out of there before he could ad color!!)...that's just SICK! My mom actually forced me to go out and get it fixed by another salon, to which that guy said he could not fix it and i had to grow it out! *cries* My bf always pokes fun of me for that shudder everytime i pass by that awful salon.

    and how i handled it..i just cried at home lol...and wore hats.

  14. Oh !! Just simply demand that they redo it as soon as possible. ;) ;) I would proberly not return again after that.
  15. I've had bad haircuts, when I tell them to trim it they take off 2 inches. I just go home and cry if it was bad coloring because I've been at the salon for hours and just want to go home. I just buy an at home color kit and fix it myself :shame: