Scarves Your Grail Scarf

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  3. Thank you both!! I’m over the moon about it!
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  4. Joanna, it’s truly stunning and a rare colorway! Please look for Ode to Quintessence in Clubhouse and try to post on that thread. Not many Quintessence silks aree listed or released and its such an ethereal design by Zoe Pauwels. congrats on this gorgeous beauty. BTW my two HG silks EXLenK and the Grand Norde came from Germany via DHL then was transferred to USPS. So after the initial week wait in transit it began tracking on USPS site. It took about two weeks total time. Weather delays are a problem with his time of year. Esepcailly routing through East Coast/NY Customs.
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  6. My holy of holiest grails is still out there somewhere completely evading me. I can NOT....for the life of me....understand how I missed Ex Libris en Kimonos when it was first issued. How did I do this?!?!?!?!?! HOW!!!! Anyway....some day I'll be able to post here that I've found one that didn't require me to sell a lung.
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  8. S’Mom, I missed that one also (until scarf mail today!). It was just half a lung :whut:
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  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ..... I'm going to be in the same boat.
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  10. So glad you received it and all's well. (Who was Steve?)
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  11. Thanks, I’ll definitely look for the clubhouse thread and post there as well. I love the design in moussie. It wasn’t on my radar at all, I was hunting musique des spheres but when this popped up, I almost jumped out of my seat in my rush to get my card!

    And What’s so strange about this whole shipping thing is that it got to my desk in two days from Germany. I was prepared for it to take a few weeks, like most overseas scarf mail, and thought the weirdness on the status of my order was going to add another week or two. I’ve never had an overseas scarf get delivered this fast before. (Not that I’m complaining!!)

    Thank you!! I knew you scarfies would understand!

    Thank you - when I saw this, I thought of you and your amazing glowy changeant!

    Thank you so much!! I’m still a flutter from the thrill of the hunt!

    Now if only we could all snag a few ELeK and Tohu Bohu csgms...
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  12. Huge Congrats, dear!