Your Goyard Collection - PICS ONLY

I posted these on the action thread, thought to post here too since it's a sticky. Comparison pics for the Boeing30 and Jeanne MM :smile:

Side by Side, Boeing is a bit wider and bulkier. I find the front pocket on the Boeing pretty useless, can't even fit a sheet of napkin in there :nogood:

Front view, Boeing a tad taller than Jeanne. The handles on the Boeing is adjustable with 3 or 4 holes, and I believed I'm on the 2nd.
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Yellow St. Louis PM purchased in Paris on Feb 2010 for EU580

Black St. Louis PM with Initials and Stripes purchased in GSF on May 2010 totalling $1250 (tax not yet included) --- initials $155 / stripes $155

(back view)


Pink Fidji purchased in GSF on May 2010 for $1250 (without tax)
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Family Portrait of my leather goods…

Family Portrait.jpg

From left to right :
* Vuitton - Keepall in Black Epi Leather
* Vuitton - Iphone 4 case in Electric black épi leather
* Goyard – Mirroir spongebag, small in dark blue goyardine
* Jean Rousseau - Change Purse in ostrich black leather
* Jean Rousseau – Pen case in ostrich black leather
* Goyard – Voltaire bah in black/gold
* Goyard – Custom special order bag in black

* Zilli – Wallet in ostrich black leather
* Goyard – Saint Marc card holder in black
* Goyard – Saint Michel Keys holder in black
* Goyard – Ambassade bag in black + leather strap

* Gucci – Messenger black in black Guccicima leather
* Gucci – Ipad case in black Guccicima leather
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From France, thank you Florent from GOYARD for your help in reserving the bags for me!!!!!!!!! Goyard for the family

Goyard Volitare ( Silver / Black Personalization)
Goyard Sac Marie Galante
Goyard St louis PM


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