Your Goyard Collection - PICS ONLY

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  2. Pictures of my Goyards coming soon, for now I found this online:
  3. Wallet and card case
    Marie Gallante in green (in back of photo)
    DSCN2688.JPG DSCN2677.JPG
  4. I posted these on the action thread, thought to post here too since it's a sticky. Comparison pics for the Boeing30 and Jeanne MM :smile:

    Side by Side, Boeing is a bit wider and bulkier. I find the front pocket on the Boeing pretty useless, can't even fit a sheet of napkin in there :nogood:

    Front view, Boeing a tad taller than Jeanne. The handles on the Boeing is adjustable with 3 or 4 holes, and I believed I'm on the 2nd.
  5. Back: Marine fidji and Black/tan St Louis PM
    Front: Black/black croisiere 35 and Silver croisiere 35

  6. Custom St. Louis PM w/ red & white stripes



    Zippy PM in Noir & Camel


  7. [​IMG]

    Left to Right:
    Green Fidji
    Black and Tan Jeanne PM
    Navy St. Louis PM


    Navy St. Louis PM Folded (I know some people were curious about that)
  8. Boeing 45 and St. Louis PM
    Goyard duo.jpg Goyard duo 2.jpg
  9. Yellow St. Louis PM purchased in Paris on Feb 2010 for EU580

    Black St. Louis PM with Initials and Stripes purchased in GSF on May 2010 totalling $1250 (tax not yet included) --- initials $155 / stripes $155
    (back view)

    Pink Fidji purchased in GSF on May 2010 for $1250 (without tax)
  10. St. Louis GM in Yellow

    St. Louis PM in Marine Blue

    Sac Hardy in Orange

    Croisiere 35 in Red

  11. Vondome PM black on black


    St louis GM burgundy >> kinda regreting getting GM rather than PM cause i'm not that tall and always wear flats and sandels!!


  12. My Goyard PM tote bag in black :smile:

  13. Family Portrait of my leather goods…

    Family Portrait.jpg

    From left to right :
    * Vuitton - Keepall in Black Epi Leather
    * Vuitton - Iphone 4 case in Electric black épi leather
    * Goyard – Mirroir spongebag, small in dark blue goyardine
    * Jean Rousseau - Change Purse in ostrich black leather
    * Jean Rousseau – Pen case in ostrich black leather
    * Goyard – Voltaire bah in black/gold
    * Goyard – Custom special order bag in black

    * Zilli – Wallet in ostrich black leather
    * Goyard – Saint Marc card holder in black
    * Goyard – Saint Michel Keys holder in black
    * Goyard – Ambassade bag in black + leather strap

    * Gucci – Messenger black in black Guccicima leather
    * Gucci – Ipad case in black Guccicima leather
  14. My humble collection of St Louis


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    From France, thank you Florent from GOYARD for your help in reserving the bags for me!!!!!!!!! Goyard for the family

    Goyard Volitare ( Silver / Black Personalization)
    Goyard Sac Marie Galante
    Goyard St louis PM
    734330_10151320449278771_34536599_n.jpg 20130108_003555.jpg