Your Golden Rules of SOG


Sep 1, 2013
I thought I'd start a thread for our personal "golden rules" of SOG. Apologies if there's already one on here, I couldn't find it. I was thinking just a list of habits that you always do (or never do) when it comes to SOG application, whether it's on the manufacturers instructions or not. A lessons learnt kind of thing, to either improve the look of your mani, keep your natural nails healthy, or both. :smile:
My golden rules include:

  • I always paint my dominant hand first. Being right handed, I'm always tempted to paint my left hand first, but I always get better results on my right hand if I paint that first. I read somewhere it's due to concentration levels. Whatever the reason, it works for me.
  • I never do back to back SOG application. Once I've removed my mani, I always give my nails at least a day before I apply my next SOG mani. And give them lots of TLC in the interim.
  • I always have a drop of alcohol and a stiff brush to wipe away excess base coat and top coat. Even if I can't see any on my skin/cuticle, I run the brush dipped in alcohol (blotted on paper towel) around the edge of my nail before curing. It's not always easy to see excess clear coats before curing.
  • When applying any coat of polish, my first swipe on my nail is always in the centre of my nail, about 1/2 - 3/4 down my nail. Then I wipe the excess off the brush, and use the brush to push the polish back towards my cuticle. I find this is a great way to avoid thick application (and therefore lifting) and pooling.
Those are the main golden rules that I always follow :smile: