Your FUNNY pictures!

  1. I did a search, but couldnt find a thread like this.

    So, we have a thread for our animal photo in general, we have a thread for our kooky sleeping animals, how about the funny pictures??

    Im sure "funny" varies from person to person, but we all love to look at pictures of animals, so this should be fun!

    Ill start...


    And of course, my signature pictures!:upsidedown:
  2. I love how your dog is licking his/her lips enjoying the Grand Marnier :upsidedown:
  3. ^^The one on her back is too funny! Silly animals!
  4. Here are some pictures of my Pug at our beach house. She got so tired trying to pick this beach ball up that she finally had to surrender and fall to sleep on it! She loves to swim, which is odd for a Pug (but she grew up with Labs so that might explain it) but she gets tired so we bought her a raft to float on. She will swim out to us, get on the raft and when she wants to head to shore again she jumps off, it is really funny. The last one is her with a "prize" rock that she wouldn't let go for over an hour!! I hope you enjoy!

    m_MV August 2007 018.jpg

    m_MV August 2007 020.jpg

    m_MV August 2007 017.jpg

    m_MV August 2007 027.jpg

    m_MV August 2007 039.jpg
  5. Your pug is SO adorable! I absolutely love pugs.

    Haha, when my pup gets tired of playing she'll fall asleep with the toy, but then if you try and take it while she's sleeping, she'll wake up just to growl at you, then fall asleep again... she really loves those toys!
  6. Great pics!!Funny stuff.....soooo cute!
  7. hhahahahhahah these pictures are so funny! She is sooo cute!!:love:
  8. My Stanley...
    elephantstanley.JPG mr.stan1.JPG stanpissedoff.JPG
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    DSCN0990.JPG my other pics0008.jpg jun-13-030031.jpg
  10. [​IMG]

    This picture cracks me up:lol:,everyones pets are adorable.
  11. lol, what a great idea for a thread! Love all the pics, too funny!

  12. ohhh my goodness your pug is so so cute!
  13. chelsbelle: LMAO your cats are a couple of fools!:roflmfao: