Your 'FUNCTIONAL' H bag collection

  1. Lets just imagine that the day would come when you finally feel that you have a 'functional' H bag collection (:roflmfao: ). Ridiculous, I know, but humor me....

    What is the fewest amount of H bags you could live with and which ones would they need to be? Here is my 'complete' list for the moment....

    30 cm black chevre Birkin
    30 cm black box Birkin
    32 cm Togo Kelly
    28cm black box Kelly
    31 cm black Bolide
    31 cm bj Bolide
    PM black Massai
    black Kelly clutch

    I could just about 'survive' with the above bags....
  2. Deep *sigh* I'm prepared to survive with one Birkin 35 and one of the fast-growing-on me Evelyne. Great thread Rose!
  3. Ooh - fun! Fantasy shopping! (But Rose, we seriously gotta get you into some color!!)

    - 35 cm Rouge Garance Birkin with PH
    - 30 cm Black Birkin with contrast lining and piping (rose shocking or rouge H) with RH or PH, togo/clemence
    - 30/35 cm Gold or Cognac Birkin with GH or PH, any leather
    - 30 cm Vert Anis Birkin with PH, any leather
    - 30 cm Black or Rouge Vif Croc Birkin with PH
    - 28 cm Black Box Kelly with PH or RH, sellier
    - 28 cm Rouge H Kelly with PH, either sellier or retourne
    - 28 cm Miel or Black Croc Kelly with PH or GH, sellier
    - Kelly JPG clutch - not fussy about color or leather
    - Brown and orange Bolduc pattern Garden Party tote
  4. good luck, tweetie! :roflmfao:
    (i think rose reserves color for her name. :p )

  5. She would look BEAUTIFUL in something....rose colored!
  6. Rose........I too, run the spectrum of Black and Brown!!!! 99% of my bags are black or brown with 1% ROUGE H!!!! YEEHAAAAA!!!
  7. Mmm fantasy! :biggrin: This would, however, be every bag I think I could ever want from Hermes!

    - 31cm Rose Shocking Chevre Bolide
    - 31cm Turquoise Chevre Bolide
    - 31cm Vert Anis Chevre Boilde
    - 31cm White Chevre Bolide
    - 32cm Orange Chevre or VL Kelly
    - 25cm Mauve Lizard Kelly
    - 25cm Havanne P.Croc Kelly
    - 32cm Fuschia P.Croc w/gold hardware Kelly
    - 32cm Blue Roi P.Croc w/ph hardware Kelly

    Though saffron p.croc would be so fun to own! No idea what I'd ever wear it with though :p No black Hermes bags for me; I decided I'll just buy a YSL or Juicy black bag or something if I ever need one. I want all of my purchases to be in one of the lovely bright colors! :biggrin:
  8. Ladies!!!! Did you not notice the bj Bolide on my list!
  9. Rose -- That is my dream collection....:love:

    The only reason I am considering rouge H is because of shopmom...

    I am going to post my collection on monday...(when I get camera back)...
    and please tell if it is too boring...
  10. :wtf:

    Just kidding! Love your list!
  11. Holy Cow, I did a double take! BLUE JEAN? Blue Jean Bolide? ROSE! You are my HERO!!!
  12. I am thinking that it would be nice for those hot NJ summers....

    Yes, DQ, I know what you are thinking...... you'll down a whole jar of vegemite if I actually do it......
  13. LOL, rose -- something along those lines!

  14. 3!!!!
    BJ Evelyne
    Ebene/caramel Picotin

    All I need is a black clutch (Jige or JPG Kelly) and I am done! :yes:
  15. If I had to pair it down, let's say to five bags, these would be it:

    MM Garden Party tote
    35cm Rouge Garance Birkin
    28cm Dalmation Kelly
    28cm Miel Croc Kelly
    37cm Ebene Bolide