Your Flap & You!

  1. I'm kind of obsessed with flaps right now (never thought I'd see the day, lol.) I look thru page after page on the chanel action pics/and you with your chanel, and there's S:huh::huh:o many pages!!!!! Would anyone who already has pics of them with their flap indulge me here? I'd love to see them, jumbo's, e/w's, reissues!:yahoo:
  2. what a great idea sheanabelle! I'm also just now getting into flaps. Here are my current ones but am thinking about swapping the dark silver reissue for a metallic black as it's rather hopeless to find a bordeaux or grey reissue:


  3. Ha!! Don't mind if i do. LOL

    I too am obsessed w/ flaps!!! Here is a pic of my white and black jumbo!!!! :wlae:

    (and i know how you feel about sifting through the reference section for pics. its getting really long and sometimes its hard to find what you're looking for)

    Glad I could help. Pics below :rolleyes:


    chanelpic.jpg whitecaviar1.jpg
  4. Me too, I have no flaps currently. I decided to cancel my black metallic reissue cos DH didn't like it at all.

    I'm actually looking for a red caviar medium/ e/w flap with the old chains. My sis is going to Paris at end Aug, do you think there's any chance of finding one there?
  5. anything is possible. sometimes old stock show up out of nowhere. this past sunday, i saw a coral lambskin e/w flap at bloomies nyc and i know it was from seasons ago.
  6. Okay here's my 2 reissues, will take pics of my other flaps later.
    chanelblk1.JPG chanelgrey1.JPG
  7. old pictures.. too lazy to take new ones(I'm still in my PJ)

    Black 2.55 226 GH

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Jumbo caviar SH
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lt. Silver 2.55 226
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Love the white one :tup: Looks great
  9. You can also check in the reference section - there are some great pics there. I've got to get some pics snapped of me actually using this bag but here are some oldies of my one and only flap:

  10. thanks!! I love your light silver. It does not look in your face like i thought!! What a hot bag for going out. Your black outfit really made it look great!!
  11. Thanks for getting involved girls, everyone looks great! And true the reference section is phenomenal but there aren't as many "action" shots. Need more!!
  12. sorry, I didn't follow your instructions! here are "action" shots of me wearing the bags:



  13. Everyone looks gorgeous!! :heart: Here are some pics of me with my various flaps... some are repeats from In Action or Ref. Library pics, but I hope you like them! :smile:

    Soft white medium/large caviar flap with MM lock and chains:

    Matte gold flap:

    '05 red E/W w/ silver hardware:

    Rose patent small classic flap w/ matte silver h/w:

    Coral medium classic caviar flap:

    '07 red Jumbo w/ bijoux chains:

    '05 hot pink medium caviar classic flap:

    Dark silver 226 reissue:

    Blue patent E/W:

    Light silver 225 reissue (this past weekend for a relative's wedding in Chicago):

    Light silver reissue again (sorry!) for the reception of the same wedding:
  14. [​IMG]

    here's mine.
  15. ldldb~ your flap collection is beautiful, I love that color blue! And thanks for posing!!!!
    Iluvbags~ you're really making me want to try on a jumbo again.
    graceful~ love the reissues, what's the second pic's color?
    pchans~ I love your pics, great outfits!
    maxter~ your flap is so so cool!
    love23~ the reissue looks so hot on you!
    minal~ amazing!!