Your fitness secret

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  1. What is your fitness secret?
    I use to have a glass of lemon juice with honey in the early morning. What's your?
    ;) ;) ;) ;)
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    I don't have a secret per se but things I've found that work for me over the years.

    First, I drink a lot of water - 80oz a day on average. The only other drink I have is a cup of tea in the am, a cup of coffee (red eye) sometime before noon, and a cup of tea in the late afternoon/evening. I don't drink juice or soda. I do drink alcohol though.

    I also drink a glass of water + 1/2 squeezed lemon + apple cider vinegar in the am and pm, for my digestive system.

    I drink a glass of water before I go to sleep to keep me hydrated overnight and when I wake to wake up my body.

    I exercise in the gym 3-4x per week - all weight training, no cardio, to stay sculpted. The other days of the week that I don't hit the gym, I have a 20 minute routine in that has 500 reps of about 10 different exercises that can be done at home.

    I walk where I can - in the office instead of calling someone, I walk over to their desk, take the stairs instead of escalators/elevators if possible, park farther in parking lots, etc.

    I don't really believe in cheat days or cutting carbs or fad diets or anything like that - it just doesn't work for me, personally. I generally eat 2 healthy meals a day and then one "bad" meal so I never feel I'm missing out on anything.

    I carry peanut butter protein bars and a ziplock baggie of mixed nuts with me everywhere - in my car, in my gym bag, in my handbag, my workbag, etc. - this allows me to have a healthy snack, that will leave me satisfied, while on the go if I don't have time to stop and eat or need a quick snack before/after a workout.

    The biggest secret I have or that I practice is that I don't have an ideal weight or goal, my focus is to stay healthy. I also try my hardest not to base my goals on how another woman looks.
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  3. Not really a secret - just keep at it! Consistency is key. When you feel like skipping the gym or your workout because you are tired/busy/cranky/whatever, just DON'T! I promise you will feel better when you are done.
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  4. Daily Turmeric and lifting weights.
  5. Squats. They trigger major muscle groups and get my heart rate going, so are good for a quick jolt.
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  6. I keep at it every single day. Just work out..
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  7. Cool :smile:
  8. I got another tip to loose weight, and that's interesting too.
  9. Eat something after each interval of 1 hour, than will keep you calories disturbed and want let them to exceed your fat level.
    Isn't that interesting.....
  10. Not really a secret, but lots of water and consistency in diet and exercise is the key for me. Every little bit counts overall.

    Eating clean is HUGE for my metabolism and skin. Unless it's made from scratch I don't eat it. It limits things a lot and makes my skin glow. As far as fitness, I park as far as possible from every location I go to, to get those extra steps in. Stairs over elevators, I don't sit down often at home, running around after pets, kids and DH. You just have to keep moving and try to get some weight training in weekly and do something like yoga or pilates for flexibility. Squats rule too!!
  11. Nothing special. I run 4x a wk and weight train 2x/wk. I also eat home cooked vs processed foods as often as I can.
  12. I Work out 5x a week .. Cardio and strength training. And Push-ups...lots and lots of push-ups for my arms and chest!
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  13. And it shows! Your arms are rockin'! Well done :smile:
    I am so envious, you are very inspiring. Thanks so much for posting that picture arm work outs have been longer and more consistent since. :flowers:

  14. Thank you so much. I really work hard at the arms...took some time but finally paying off!
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