Your First Time with Marc Jacobs...

  1. So... I'm just about to have my first experience with Marc Jacobs and I'm feeling nervous yet excited. I can't wait but at the same time I'm nervous about whether it'll be love at first sight and then a true lasting relationship after that...




    :p ... in a few days my very first MJ purchase - a putty stam should be arriving and I am beyond excited! So during my anticipation of the arrival these are the thoughts running through my head... I'm super excited as this is my first foray into the world of MJ, I am totally enthralled with the blue suede lining, I don't have a light coloured bag and I think this should be the perfect colour to complement my existing bag collection, AND if this bag looks even half as good as the pic with Jessica Stam holding it.. I am in heaven! On the flip side, I've always been a shoulder bag kinda gal so I'm not sure how well I'll deal with holding the stam in the crook of my arm.. I'm also nervous about the size of the stam. Every time I've tried it on at the store in black I've found it to be too bulky and a bit heavy.

    So... I'm not sure if you gals have all discussed this before, but if so, it looks like it hasn't been talked about in awhile... so if you'll indulge me and share.... how was YOUR first time with Marc Jacobs? Was it a huge bag of mixed emotions like me? Or were you just completely and utterly excited?
  2. How exciting! I love the putty color and the blue lining sounds amazing. My first MJ was my pink Multipocket and I have since added 6 other MJ bags since January :smile: I actually just got 2 new stams and I have found that the patchwork stam seems more bulky then the quilted stam so I am probably going to be getting rid of it. I am also a shoulder bag girl so I'm still getting used to wearing it on my arm....but it looks fabulous! Congrats and don't forget to post pics when you get it :smile:
  3. mine was a great great great deal at Macy's that I couldn't pass up. I had this weird oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, feeling! I have never turned back! Congrats on your bag!
  4. Congrats, I am sure you will love it.:okay:
  5. devines - your first MJ the pink multipocket is gorgeous! I especially love love love your quilted white/ivory Blake. It makes me swoon! :p It sure sounds like the MJ bug hit you hard this year!

    yesther - thanks for sharing your first! I know I'll be paying more attention to the MJ displays from now on!

    muggles - thanks for the reassuring words! I really hope the stam just bowls me over when it arrives.

    I'll be sure to take a ton of pics when it arrives! Hopefully the mailman will deliver it today or tomorrow... which is GREAT timing cuz I'll be on study leave for work for about 2.5 weeks starting tomorrow so more time to carry around the stam! :tup:

    Anyone else out there care to share your FIRST time with MJ and how you discovered the love? :heart:
  6. i was addicted to LV earlier this year. then i got tired of carrying logos but i wanted something as sophisticated and as classic as the LV line. so i knew marc jacobs was the head designer there and i did some research on his line of handbags. after i realized how fantastic the stam was, i think i have a new obsession :smile: i :heart: mj!!!
  7. I have been carrying my first MJ for about two weeks now, and I get stares of envy and tons of compliments wherever I go...people at work whisper about my bag. I was giddy with excitement and I am already pining after my next bag. Please post your pics as soon as you can, I know you will be happy with your choice. The one thing I love about MJ bags is that they are timeless and you really will wear them for some time to come. Congrats!
  8. Just like yesther, I found a great deal at my Nordstrom's Anniversary sale last year. I haven't looked back ever since!! Sometimes my MJ love may cool a little, but I always come back!:yes:
  9. I should be getting my first mj (stam!) soon and I'm all full of nerves as well. I just recently got into nice handbags (bought a balenciaga day this year too) and hope it isn't too heavy and is just what I want!
  10. My first MJ was a black Sienna. I got it last summer at Nordstrom's half-yearly sale and I was in love! The week before, I spied the bag on the shelf and held her lovingly, but put her back because I couldn't afford it at full price. Then I come back the next week and she's marked down!!!! My heart started racing and I RUSHED to the cash register. I was in such a blissful state that I swear I was skipping out of the store!! Here's a testament to the beauty, functionality, and just how much in LOVE I am with my first MJ - I carried her every day for 8 months straight. Didn't matter if she matched my outfit or not, I wore her. I carry other bags now, but she is still in the main rotation. Over a year later, she still looks brand new. Marc Jacobs was my first high-end designer bag. She'll always hold a special place in my heart.:heart:
  11. Great thread....

    My first MJ was a Stella in Wine (redish color with pink stitching). It was Fall of was my first foray into designer goods, and it was incredibly shocking for me (sticker shock). But, I fell in love with the bag and worked so hard to save up for it. I still use this bag occassionally, and it's definitely one that I would never sell or get rid of.