Your First Purse....ever.

  1. Seeing these threads about "should I get my young daughter an LV, COACH?" etc., got me to thinking about my first bag. I was 5 years old and it was a really cute black patent frame bag. There is no way in hell my mom would have ever bought me the equivalent of a designer bag today but then again, designer bags were not in vogue for middle class people back in the "black and white" days when I grew up.
    Here is a photo of me and my new bag. Oh if mom only knew what she started....

    first handbag.jpg

    Post your first little girl bag here!

    p.s. DH says I still get the same look on my face whenever I get a new bag!
  2. [​IMG]

    OMG!!!!!!!! That is the CUTEST picture ever!!!! :tender::tender::tender:I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! :heart:

    My first bag was an Il Bisante clutch!!! My mom bought it for me when I was 12-13 yrs old!!! I loved it and still have it!!!!!!
  3. photo please!!! (preferably when you were a little shrimp with it....)
  4. i have a funny story about when i was grandma's purse had gone missing all of a sudden and everyone looked over the entire house to find it. but no luck. i think my grandma even called a few stores she'd been to that day...anyway! after not finding the purse in the house, my grandma called her credit card companies and cancelled all her cards, etc.

    however, someone got the idea to ask me (i was about 4) if i knew where her purse was. apparently i had been playing with it and put it under a chair in my room!

    ha....i've always been a purse freak :smile: lol

    back on topic: i think my first purse was one my mom brought back after she'd gone on vacation somewhere.
  5. That is so cute, bagnshoo!!! How lucky you are to have that picture.

    I honestly don't remember my first purse, but I do remember having a hand-me-down tan-colored purse when I was 5 or so. I liked purses, but they were usually ones my mom or sister didn't want. I should really ask my mom if she remembers.
  6. LOL. My first purse was pink, plastic, and came with pretend makeup. :biggrin:

    I loved it!
  7. Does a backpack for school count? I had a lot of those, really pretty. I don't think I started to use purses until I was 10-13 but I can't remember my first one :sad:
  8. How cute!! I think my first purse was probably one of those Jordache purses in the 80's remember??!? Scary;)
  9. My first purse was a frame bag made of gold lame fabric with a short chain strap. It was lined in champagne-colored silk. The chain handle was designed in such a way that it could be placed inside the bag, and the bag could be carried as a clutch. My mom gave it to me when I was about 6. It belonged to her mother. The gold plating on the frame was a bit worn, and the champagne silk lining was a bit soiled, but I loved that purse to death. I carried it on my arm all the time. I would put my little change purse, a pack of gum, and some small, sample-sized cosmetics my mom gave me in there. It was great fun to dress up and feel "grown up" with my pretty, gold purse! :girlsigh:
  10. My first purse was pink and plush and had a face on it (sounds weird I know, but it was cute). My mom got it for me when I was three to take to my aunt's wedding.
  11. I think my purse was one of those hot pink plastic Bonne Bell "purses" that had compartments for all of your Bonne Bell chapsticks! It was horrible but I remember that it matched my pink jellies!

    Remember jellies?! Where I grew up you were in the in crowd if you had jellies!!!

    Always matching and always with a purse!! That was me!
  12. My first purse was a Snoopy school satchel, it was tan with brown plastic trim and a super cute picture of Snoopy and that little yellow bird. I can still kind of remember it, but no photos I'm afraid.
    My little girl is three and she is already a purseaholic. She has a bag that is kind of a fake LV (the one with the writing on it I think - and it was a gift - no fake LVs bought by me!) with a dogs head sewn on to it, she wears it like a backpack even though it's a tote! She had a Hello Kitty clutch that she lost on vacation, which was a shame as my husband had brought it back from Japan for her. She kept her sunglasses in it!
    Now she has another Hello Kitty tote which is see through with pictures of Hello Kitty all over it, and a backpack with her name on it. She also has a Pucca backpack but it's a little big. Wow that's a lot of purses for a three year old!
  13. My first purse was a little fabric kisslock coin purse on a string when I was 3 or 4. I only remember it because I got in BIG trouble for losing it the first day my mom gave it to me! Apparently I was wearing it and playing with it, put it down somewhere, then ran off and completely forgot about it. My mom was SO MAD at me!

    Good thing she never gave me anything designer when I was little!
  14. My daughter got a little box with six rings in it yesterday (cost around $5!), she had lost one within an hour!
  15. Most likely it was Hello Kitty. I've had purses since before I could remember!