Your FIRST piece of LV

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Jul 5, 2007
I know we've probably all been collecting for a while, but I gave a gf her first piece of LV last night. She got a new job, so to celebrate, we took her out to dinner, and I gave her the Damier Azur Business Card Case. I didn't really think too much about it, since LV is my life, but her eyes lit up when she saw the brown box, and she exclaimed "Oh my God! This is my first piece of LV!" She took her time opening the box and all the wrapping and the dustbag... and insisted on having pictures taken of her opening her first. It was really neat to see her reaction!

I know we all still get a rush when we get a new piece from LV, but do you remember your FIRST piece of LV?

Mine was a Small Monogram Agenda given to me from a bunch of gfs as a going away present years and years ago when I moved to the US. I remember being shocked that they had done something so "extravagant"! But that was also the item that broke the dam: I ended up buying myself a wallet and a cle within a year of that present, and it's been a slide to the closet-crammed dark side ever since! LOL

What was YOUR first piece of LV, and do you remember how you felt?


Mar 10, 2008
Mine was a baby brown monogram papillon looks the same as a regular one just smaller and cuter, I still use use to this day when I need very few items and don't wanna carry a large bag. Like a concert or something. :smile:
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