Your First Pair

  1. There seem to be a lot of ladies buying their first pair of Louboutins. What was your first pair, and what made you buy them?

    My first pair were brown decolettes. I had seen Louboutins in tons of fashion magazines and loved how they were much higher than the Blahniks plus had the sexy red sole. I knew that I had to get some. I chose the brown decolettes first because I am African-American and I get the nude effect with the brown and I knew that I would be able to wear the simple style with everything. I have worn them many times since.
  2. I don't know the name, but they were sky-high wedge sandal espadrilles. And I knew I'd made the right purchase when my husband whistled and said "Your legs look SOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOONG."
  3. my first pairs of CL are the nude satin black lace VP and black patent Miss Boxe wedges. i got them when i was living in Paris. funny thing was that i only decided to get down to buying them in the month i was going back home (i kept whining that i would go hunt them down lol and never did until many months later). i had to get them b/c i somehow knew that whenever i wore them, they would remind me of the great times i had in Paris. i will always remember how amazed i was when i found the last pair of VP on display in my size (i was actually only looking for them!!) in the boutique. the wedges were introduced to me by the SA b/c she thinks they were TDF and they were the last pair in my true size! i just had to snag them up after trying them on!! :yahoo:
  4. My first pair were my black simple pumps. I had read that was a good one to start with. I am wearing them right now. I got them from Saks.
  5. My first pair were the Zeppalace black patent wedge sandals. Rachel Bilson made them pretty popular. However, they were huge on me and not really my style w/ the cork so I sold them. I sadly can't even remember what was my first pair that I actually kept. For me, it was experimental in the beginning b/c of fit, style, etc. I had to have everything sent to me via charge send so lots of trial and error. And, now my closet is insane and packed w/ lots of CLs.
  6. My first pair were the black calf Simple pumps in 100mm.

    I got them at Saks 2 years ago when Saks only carried a half dozen styles of CLs. Even though they were a plain black pump, I just couldn't stop thinking about them and had to get them.:girlsigh: I have worn these shoes to death since getting them, and am going to have the red sole finally replaced.
  7. My first pair was the Veee in brown.
    Love them!
  8. my first pair was blk miss ticks and they were supposed to be patent but Barneys doesn't listen and i got reg leather. Made me so mad grrr that i contacted the vp of cs and she sent me a 200 dollar gc woo woo!
  9. isabelle 100 espadrllies...i loved the bow on the front and i am a sucker for espadrilles.
  10. First pair were 120mm leopard pigalle's (original stick heel) bought them in 2003, been addicted since :love:
  11. Wow natassha68, you're very lucky! I don't think I can find the leopard in 120 mm in my size anymore!

    My first pair was a the black leather 100 mm Pigalle with the original heel.
  12. Java - yes and still adore them, very hard to find now, one of the few I'd never part with !!... I love the 100mm pigalle too, I have it in the leopard also :love:
  13. My first pair was a black simple in 100mm heel. They are so comfortable and classic. I wear them all the time, although I have expanded my collection since that first pair.
  14. I didn't mess around, my first pair was 120mm Pigalles in black patent. Talk about stepping into the deep end... :nuts:
  15. My first pair was the tan jazz decolettes. I forget the exact color name. Not the camel because I have the camel decolette zeppas. And not nude because it is darker than nude. They are the pair I still wear the most. They've gone from work to outdoor weddings and still look good!!