Your first Mulberry - when and what?

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  1. Ok, because I'm nosy... When (roughly or exact date!) did you get your first Mulberry and what was it?
    I'll start...
    Monday 26 February 2007
    Black Darwin Ledbury
  2. xmas 2006 - oak Annie from DH!!!
  3. January (or February?) this year, blue ostrich Bayswater.
  4. June 2009
    Black somerset shoulder bag in tumbled grain leather.
  5. Jan 2008 - large choc agyness
  6. Black Araline

    December 2006
  7. July 09 Small coin purse in Lipstick from the sale.
    June 09 Coated Canvas Bays :heart:
  8. July 2008

    Large Black Mabel, B'day present from my father
  9. Sunday 12th of July 2009

    Poppy satchel in black.
  10. rio rosie ( still not used ) about 2.5 years ago
  11. June 2007
    Oak Darwin Emmy in the online summer sale
  12. I spotted it in 2004 in hof - my dream bag Oak Jaime
    I was lucky enough to get my hands on one in Nov 2005 & have never looked back :biggrin:
  13. summer 2005
    choco darwin blenheim
  14. April 2009, Pebble regular Mabel :love:
  15. For Christmas when I was 17. A gold mini satchel from Bicester, it was about £49 instead of $250, I still have it now, it's really cute!