Your FIRST LV outing

  1. Dear LVpf members,

    I've been wondering about this question:

    Does your first outing with your BRAND NEW LV (especially when its your first) affect you consciously? Like was your first experience with her good or bad?
    Mine was horrible :crybaby: I had the worst time EVER!

    but the good news is I'm taking my dear *cough* not-to-be-revealed-yet bag tomorrow to a very fancy place :graucho:
  2. Hmm. My first outing was good, I'm just extra conscious to be careful with her (not putting her down on something dirty, watching how I hold the bag, careful of the pantina). I also had someone compliment me on my speedy the first day I brought her out, so that made me feel good too!

    However.. I'm a little, I guess nervous to bring my LV's out here at college. I go to a really liberal school who hate anything mainstream or "upper class", so I really don't use them here. :weird:
  3. Me too! I still don't want to take my LV to where I study because the place is already filled up with shall we say "upper class" and I used to HATE the thought of LV...but then I bought my LV for myself and not to show it off in front of the girls..Gosh why do we have to suffer that much?
  4. hmm, doesn't really affect me. I use mine to school all the time. I see a lot of girls carry designer bags at my college.
  5. ummmmmmmmmm, the same i am taking my bag anywehere i go, but i am very careful in the way am holding my bag and not putting my bag on the floor or not putting it on a dirtly floor.
  6. My first LV was a papillon 26 - it was used from ebay- and I was sooo worried! I felt like :ninja: b/c it was the most expensive bag I had ever bought in my life.....

    It was awesome!
  7. I always wait like a month before I use my new bags for the first time lol!! it has to be the perfect time
  8. Ha, I forget about it.

    Usually, im saving up for a new bag and I get it, I just really want it to be in my arms.

    The part that hits my heart is opening it for the first time, right out of the brown box!

  9. ha, o completely agree sohpia...opening that box!
  10. <----no, im just more conscious of the surroundings, where i put the bag, etc....
  11. My first LV I was a Sonatine - it was so special to me that I would not use it, and bought a damier papillon instead. The first time I took the pap out, I was so excited, and loved the stares at my bag. Now I don't notice if anyone looks at my bag.
  12. I actually feel a little self conscious if it is a mono because I don't like the white vachetta and feel like I am screaming "look at my new LV". but when I got a damier speedy, I was so excited to wear it right away
  13. I just try to careful when I'm going out to not spill anything or put it on the floor.
  14. Usually I am super nervous and very very careful!!!!! The gals at school can tell when its new because I noticeably baby it!
  15. I think my first time with every bag is like.... walking on cotton candy clouds with sprinkles of LV multicolore confetti LOL! but then the experience steadily declines at a FAST pace lol