Your first IGNES

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  1. What was your first Ignes? What was the experience like ordering it? What was it like to receive? Where did you first carry it?

    Would really love to read the details of your IGNES stories. And spare no detail! :yes:

    (Mods, please merge or delete this if you don't think the topic is worth its own thread.)
  2. I'll go first! I just got an Ormala bag in Whiskey and it's gorgeous!

    I've been lurking about on the Ignes threads for a long, long time and had initially planned to get a Sofia bag first. But I never did get around to it.

    Then, as luck would have it, I ran into someone who had this gorgeous Ormala and she decided not to keep it so I snatched it up simply because it is stunning! So I'm still going to order my Sofia and I think I'm going to order her in navy. But I see so many gorgeous Sofia's in so many lush colors and leathers, it's truly hard to decide.

    I'm still looking forward to a first time order. :tup:
  3. My first Ignes as well as first patent bag was a Mini Sofia in gray patent, silver hw, and beige suede lining. It was done in 2 weeks and shipped very quickly. I live on the east coast so it is quicker. It was very easy ordering it since Ignacio is so helpful and really takes the time out for you. The quality was excellent so I went on to order 2 more which I am waiting on. I haven't worn it yet however since I plan it as a fall bag. The time to wait is very short considering it is CUSTOMIZED and even though it is a week or so longer now that they have caught on it is still very short and the price is very good even if I paid full price. The CS is superb which is why I'll keep coming back.
  4. My first Ignes was a mini Sofia in Electric Blue. It was very well made, beautiful leather and really nice quality. I ended up doing an exchange b/c the size was just not enough for me w/ my daily things. I am going to replace it w/ a midi-sofia or perhaps the smaller ormala. Likely the sofia though.

    Excellent customer service, even w/ an exchange. Very prompt answers, always pleasant and helpful. The packaging was very secure too. It took about two and a half/three weeks for my bag to arrive, but part of that was Fedex issues.
  5. I am still waiting to order my first Ignes, mainly b/c I just cannot decide. I have emailed Ignacio and he has been nothing but fantastic. I'm looking forward to my first order.
  6. My first Ignes was a mini Sofia in crinkled wine patent. I had the following modifications done:
    1) blue suede lining and matching blue stitching
    2) shortened rolled handles
    3) detachable longer crossbody strap
    4) zipper closure

    The mini sophia is the perfect bag for my weekends. It fits all my essentials without being too bulky. The crossbody strap allows me to do things hands free - like going shopping. At the same time, due to the nature of the crinkled wine patent and the size, the bag would be equally appropriate for evenings out.

    Ignacio was great to work with! He was able to accomodate my requests and I received my bag about 2.5 weeks after I ordered it. The packaging was very substantial, with the pretty ignes embossed paperwrapping. Using Fedex was a bit of a hassle, mainly because a signature is required and I'm not at home during the day. So that delayed the shipping process by two days.

    I love love love this brand and I will definitely be purchasing again in the near future. I've raved about Ignes to my friends, a few of which are now contemplating purchases of their own.
  7. My 1st Ignes was the light whiskey virginia w/ kelly green suede lining, I still have it.
  8. I just ordered a Mini-Gabrielle, just waiting for it to be done and shipped! Maria has been nothing but helpful with arranging for my bag to be made and shipped as soon as it is done so I can have it before the Lunar New Year.

    I'm now looking to purchase other bags and pouches from them; also can't wait for them to finalise their wallet designs!
  9. Congrats Ryvyan! What are the deatils of your Mini Gabby? We love living vicariously around here!
  10. My first Ignes was a Glossy Ink Blue (I) Mini Ormala


    I still get more compliments on this bag than any other one I own!
  11. My first Ignes was a Cognac Emilia with green suede lining. The bag is big but the leather is lovely and soft, the studs perfectly placed and not too much and I love the braided handle. Customer service couldn't have been better, Maria is great!
  12. My Mini-Gabby will be shipped next Friday!
    - main leather: Black 109
    - braids: Black 109 + Black Crinkled Patent
    - secondary leather & 'naughty bottom': Pearlised Charcoal
    - interior: Red ferrari suede

    Can't wait!
  13. Congrats....

    You're Mini Gabby will be mine's classier cousin... I have red fabric and no naughty bottom!
  14. Woohoo! Yay for naughty bottoms!!! Sounds awesome!