Your First Hermes ... what's your story?

  1. OK. I'm starting to think about getting an Hermes birkin. From what I've read here, this might take a few years of planning/waitlisting, not to mention saving; however, there's no time to start like the present.

    So I'm interested in hearing about how you procured your first birkin, what color it was, and even, if I may be so bold, how much it cost.

    OK ... thanks for sharing! And any advice is certainly appreciated!
  2. My advice; start small, begin to love all H and then move on to the Birkin, you´ll appreciate it more.
  3. I agree with Nola...I started with a vintage Kelly, although I knew that I wanted a Birkin...and eventually worked my way there. And then some! :smile:
  4. I also started with vintage bags years ago, you will be amazed how well Hermes bags age, scarfs, accessories and just a couple months ago I got my first Birkin !!!!
  5. Do you have a store nearby? You might want to search for threads in the archives that discussed "waitlist". These old threads only have loads of insights for you.

    As for prices, there is a thread dedicated to this in the reference section.

    Welcome to the H sub-forum, legaldiva
  6. welcome Legaldiva.......
  7. I don't have a store near me so I called the 2 NY stores since my brother lived there this summer. I said I wanted a 40 Birkin. I got a call 3 days later from the floor manager offering me a 40 but that was the one week my brother was out of the city so I couldn't get the bag since they said someone had to pay in person. My brother then visited the downtown store after the assistant manager told me to have him come in each day when they open their doors. Less than 2 weeks later my brother visited the first store that had offered me one and the floor manager took him downstairs and offered him my bag! Ironically, the downtown store called the next morning saying to hurry in because they had a large shipment....! So to give hope I share my experience since I never had been to an Hermes store and never had purchased anything and had no relationship with an SA. It's all about timing.