Your First Hermes Bag

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  1. I think this will be an interesting thread. I'd like to hear your story on how you got your first Hermes bag.:yes:
  2. Ok, I'll start. Mine's a bit of a drama. My very first Hermes bag is a Cyclamen Chevre Mysore Bolide 31cm with Palladian hardware. I've been wanting a Hermes bag for quite some time already but never really had the courage to take the plunge.

    Then one day, I came across purseblog and saw a picture of the green Bolide there. After that, I was determined to get a Bolide. Since I like pink, I know that I have to get something in pink. At the time, I was given wrong information and was told that Hermes only has Cyclamen, no pinks. That was how I ended up looking for a Cyclamen Bolide.

    I first called the store near me, they told me to call the 800 number to find out because they said it would take too long to look through the computer. So I called the 800 number and the gentleman on the other line said he couldn't find any in the system. He said I would have better luck calling the store.

    So I went back to calling the store one-by-one. Finally, I called the Chicago store and this very very nice gentleman told me that he would be willing to call around for me so that I wouldn't have to call all the stores in the U.S.. Half an hour later, he called me and told me that there was one in Texas. I wanted to think on it so he told me that I could talk to the director of the store tomorrow if I decide to get it. he said they can do inter-store transfer and charge-send to me.

    The next day, I spoke with the store director. She tried to do a charge-send for me but the Texas store was having problems reading the scan of my credit card. They told the Chicago store to tell me to just contact them directly. I contacted the Texas store and it took me several tries to get the faxes clear enough for them to read. After that, they tried to charge my card but my credit card company was having a problem with my address (tech problem on the CC company's end).

    That took another two hours (the poor SA didn't even get to eat lunch). Finally, the charges went through but the store still required me to mail them photocopies of my ID and credit card. I told them I will Overnight them. So everything was ready to be sent out when the director of the Texas store called me and apologized. She apologized because she found out that it's against store policy to do charge-send on purses IF you don't have an AMEX card (I was using MasterCard).

    However, she knew I really wanted the purse and she knew how much trouble I had gone through to get it. Therefore, she said she was going to make an exception and send the bag to the boutique close to my house. Since there's no exchanges of purses taking place, the Texas store ended up giving up their sales commission by simply sending the purse to the other store. The next day, I went to the store near me and viola!! I bought my very first Hermes bag!:love:
  3. oh my gosh hat is looong time ago. it was at these times when plenty of their bags where on display. i was always in love with hermes silks and hermès cashmere but couldn´t justify that amount of money on a handbag. but then one day (i got my first job and the money was fine) went to the boutiwque just to look at the ready to wear and saw HER black kelly with gold hardware and i was sooo in love i need to touch here smell her and finally buy her :love:
    long story short that was my beginning of my hermès addiction
  4. I still have her. 28cm Kelly in peau porc lisse with gold hardware. Datestamp W in a circle, so you can tell she's a mature lady. The leather is no longer in production and I still get the SA's checking her out when I take her "home". It was love at first sight and I literally saw fireworks when I touched her.
  5. My story is less dramatic really. Back in march I finally decided I was ready to take the punge and get a kelly. So I called the Atlanta boutique and asked if they had any and what colors. They had a blue jean and a chocolate brown kelly in a new leather called ever grain. So I asked her to put the chocolate kelly aside and I would overnight the traveler's checks to pay for it. So she did just that and i sent the checks that day. They got there the next morning...60 in all. And I asked her to keep the bag until the following Tuesday when I would arrive at the boutique and pick it up for my birthday that day.
  6. First Kelly: Black 28 cm kelly with gold hardware in courchevel
    First Birkin: Sapphire blue 30 cm in gulliver

    Both are retired leathers!! I'm old school! :lol:
  7. Wow!! Everyone has been into Hermes for a long time!! I am such a novice ... Isn't it amazing what Hermes can do with their leather? I used to believe that there's no such thing as the perfect handbag, I was definitely proven wrong. NOTHING beats Hermes.
  8. Lets see, loooong time ago, people were still living in trees.....
    O.K., a little later my grandmother gave me a kelly in black box with gold hardware to "play" with, (dress up), I was five or so. I knew then I MUST have one (ONE ! :roflmfao: HA!) when I grow up. As soon as I got my first job I started saving for one:nuts: ...and as I would get close, the price would go up!:shocked: so It took me 2 years, but I got that perfect 32cm Kelly, black box with gold hardwear!:P My first birkin was brown 30 cm togo with gold hardwear. many, many years later, the addiction continues :love:
  9. I decided to buy my first Hermes bag in Jan. of this year. I looked in my local store, and of course, they told me they didn't have any Birkins or Kellys, and they couldn't put me on the waitlist for one, either. After a few weeks, I decided to call around and see if stores elsewhere had them. One of the stores I called said they had some Kellys and would sell me one. They first offered me a cyclamen, but a local client had it reserved. I guess they felt bad, so they offered me a black Kelly (size 35, clemence, palladium hardware). I liked the sound of it, and I loved the idea of having a black Kelly as my 1st Hermes bag:heart:
  10. In The Late 90's, My Husband (Than My Fiance) & I........Put Myself (I Guess It Was A Joint Venture).....On The Waitlist For A Black Birkin. The Wait Was Quicker Than We Thought & My Wedding Was Coming Up. I Felt Terrible Purchasing With A Large Amont Money Aleady Being Spent On Us (You Know How Weddings Are!). So, I Didn't Purchase It (Though My Husband Had Really Wanted To Buy It).....Too Much Guilt (Oh! That Jewish Guilt Of Mine!).........I Still Don't Own A Hermes Bag. It's Definitely On My Wish List. My Husband Is Encouraging It Too...So, It's Pretty Exciting!!! :smile: .....I Have Some Ideas (I Want A Kelly 1st!)....I Hope You All Give Me Some Imput!
  11. my very first "baby" was a black veau evercalf kelly mini (PH). it was so exquisite that it took my breathe away. i literally had to go outside the boutique and get some fresh air. but after 30 minutes of pondering and thinking of nothing else while visiting nearby shops, i had to go back in and pick up my baby. that's love:biggrin:

    i will never ever sell this bag. not like i can ever consider selling any of the others. :shame: haha, i remember being so paranoid about care that i must have sounded like a lunatic asking "ok, so exactly how do i care for it when i'm not using it? keep in the box, in the sleeper, etc?"
  12. You guys know my story. The black Kelly w/ ruthenium hardware that my husband bought for me in the Las Vegas store is my first Hermes bag.
  13. eho could forget that lovely rockstar kelly :love: