Your first designer pair ever?

  1. Not sure if this counts... All you guys are talking about cl and jc... But I bought a pair of chie mihara booties last year and I love them! They are brown leather with a teensy platform and a 3.5 inch heel. Both heel and platform are this cool beige color! Great visual interest. I get tons of compliments when I wear them :smile:
  2. I first saw these in Vogue. When I saw them in person, I found them very stunning & elegant so I got them.

    Manolo Blahnik, circa Spring 2002 or 2003
  3. These Prada lavender suede pumps that I got about four years ago. My mother and I were at Neiman Marcus Last Call and she spotted them. They were absolutely gorgeous... And they were on sale (with additional percentages off on top of that) so they came to be about $70. My mom told me I would forever regret it if I passed them up. I'm happy I listened to her and let her get them for me. They were the perfect first pair of designer shoes.

  4. Wow! $70! Your mom sounds like a smart woman! The shoes are beauties!
  5. A pair of Louboutins I think :smile:
  6. Mine should be the pair of black leather pump with pearl on the toe box and heel I got back in 2010 when I got my first internship back in school. I am surprised that I don't have any pictures of those beauties. Gonna take pictures tonight!

    I love them so much and they have been to so many important days of my life. My first date with my DH, my graduation day and first day at my first job! They are hands down my most emotionally attached shoes ever.

    I bought them on spot. Went shopping with my girlfriend with nothing in mind and found them lying there in my perfect size. Simply elegant and I'm a pearl sucker...

    Since then, I got enormous amount of CLs, some ferragamos and now putting my hands on COs and GZs. It was a short yet joyful journey. I want to say - shoes are my best friends!!!
  7. 1. What was the first pair of designer shoes you ever bought?
    2. How long ago and where?
    3. What made you choose them? Had you been stalking them or was it a spur of the moment decision?

    1. Vivienne Westwood pirate boots
    2. 2010 in Glasgow while I was on vacation visiting family
    3. I had wanted them for YEARS. VW isn't available in Canada and I had just finished university, so I bought them as a graduation gift. I don't wear them nearly as much as I should because I'm so worried about getting the straps damaged (they're the same material that's on LV handles)-and it rains an awful lot in Vancouver!
  8. I love how dainty and ladylike this shoe looks! :biggrin:

    What a great deal! :tup:
  9. My First designer pair was Brian Atwood, however my most expensive are my YSL tributes
  10. Love your first GZ!

    For me,

    1. Christian Louboutin Simples 85

    2. 2008 at Rosenstein's in Montreal

    3. I needed to buy a pair of classic shoes for our White Coat Ceremony (transitioning between laymen and going into hospital for clerkship). I had no formal dress shoes back then. I never loved the design of the Simple... but it was another pair of shoes that brought me into the store. I was eyeing Louboutin's Architek peep-toe, sling heels and LOVED the black patent leather and red tip together with the red heel. I went into the store and decided to be more practical with the Simples in the end. (Now, I'm far from practical lol)
  11. 1. YSL plain black courts/pumps

    2. Years ago, Fenwicks Bond St.

    3. Totally spur of the moment decision but in two takes. I saw them went to ask my mother if I could have them, she said NO, NO WAY. I went back and bought them anyway LOL. Sale of the sale of the sale, last chance. It was Summer holiday and my mother used to take my sister and me to work with her so we had all day to kill in town. They were a bit small and high for me (and much too conservative - even for me now) I paid with my own money. Of course I never wore them and sold them unworn years later for half of what I paid. Lesson learned. I don't buy shoes that don't fit, I can't walk in and just because theyre designer and heavily discounted.
  12. 1. Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots
    2. Stuart Weitzman store on 5th Ave. Winter 2012.
    3. I have been stalking these pair of shoes for many years and I decided to jump on the designer shoe wagon. Since I didn't have any leather black boots, I thought that these would make the perfect investment. I didn't wear them as much as I wanted to since I fear that constant wearing will ruin the leather. I need to stop babying them and wear them more often for next season.
  13. 1. What was the first pair of designer shoes you ever bought? A pair of Jimmy Choos

    2. How long ago and where? It was 2009-2010 car boot sell £5 yes a £5 note for these!!

    3. What made you choose them? well i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw these and when the girl said there £5 i nearly fainted! so i brought them and i give them a thorougher inspection to see if they was fake as well 5 pound for a pair of choos ?!! but they are the real deal i was so happy words could not express how pleased i was. i was on top of the world!!!!!!:smile::smile:
    jimmy choo.jpg
  14. 1. What was the first pair of designer shoes you ever bought?
    LV Denim Mules

    2. How long ago and where?

    3. What made you choose them? Had you been stalking them or was it a spur of the moment decision?
    Spur of the moment, to coordinate with a LV Denim bag. I no longer have either items - sold them on eBay a year later. lol My 2nd purchase was CL Decollete 100mm, which I still have and love till this day. :smile:
  15. Wow! Crazy lucky!