your first "date" with LV

  1. will u ever part with ur first LV bag? :shrugs:

    i have a papillon 19 and haven't used it in the past half year..IMO it's REALLY cute and i absolutely ADORE it:love:...but i just don't use it as much anymore....
  2. I don't think I will ever be able to part with my first Designer Bag, just because it means so much and is the beginning of an era so to speak lol!
    Even If the bag becomes totally unfashionable I still think I'm going to keep it in my wardrobe, just so I can look back on it and remember the beginning of my fetish lol! Its also a fabulous keepsake!
  3. :love: my first designer bag is my LV mono speedy 30 - i dont think i'll ever part with this bag... i love it too much, plus i got my initials heat stamped on it, so i dont think its going to mean much if i sell it! AND by keeping your VERY first piece - you'll always have a wonderful story to share! :love:
  4. No, I could never let it go, it means to much to me. Well maybe to my daughter but that is hopefully a few years ahead.
  5. Some, maybe not. But others, I could see our relationship just falling apart !
  6. No....I will not part with any of my LV bags. I carefully plan each purchase and only buy what I absolutely need and love.
  7. I've sold a few of my LV bags because they were no longer useful or I wasn't as in love with them in the first place. My cabas mezzo because too difficult to get books in and out of so I sold that to buy a better big book carrying bag. And then I upgraded my speedy 25 for a 30. Now my speedy 30 i will never part with:heart: :heart:
  8. I gave my first LV concorde to my daughter when she turned 18 and she absolutely just adores that bag. She's had that bag for 5 years now and she uses it just about everyday:love:
  9. My 1st LV (the one that I paid for myself) was mono speedy 30. I sold it since and have no regrets. I wasn't using it at all and felt it was silly to just have it sit in my closet. My VERY 1st LV was given to me as a gift (ellipse PM) and I will NEVER part with it!!!:nuts:
  10. my first LV was a white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires. it wasn't my first designer bag -- the distinction goes to Dior :lol: -- but it was a gift from my dad for my 19th birthday in 2004:tender:. so no, i'll never part with it, even though i don't use small bags anymore.
  11. My first LV was a pochette that I bought myself 5 years ago when I was 24 near the end of med school as a present to myself :smile: It wasn't my first designer bag, but it turned me onto the "dark side" of high end bags!
  12. I will never part with my first LV bag (mini speedy), or really any of my bags for that matter, I put so much thought into my purchases and I just can't bear to ever sell anything.....they are little pieces of my life line sort of....... they all have very good memories attached to them.....
  13. let me guess Irene, you sold your 30 and got a noe????

    My very first shall i say semi-designer bag was my coach doe leather soho shoulder bag. i love that thing. its so soft and squishy. i take it out just to moisturize it. sad yet true. My first deisgner bag is my Damier Speedy 30. my are at the moment having a love affair. i love that bag and could never see giving it up ever.
  14. regardless of use, NO! It was my speedy 25 and i'll have it forever:smile: At some point I might put new handles on.
  15. :lol:No!!! Actually, I got my first Noe after I joined tPF!!!:nuts: