your first CL?

  1. I've fallen in love with the awesome nude, tortoiseshell, leopard heels you girls have! I spent the other night going through the entire CL members thread!

    I have 2 questions:

    1- what was your first pair of CLs?

    2- What would you recommend as a first pair of CLs? (i have wide US 10 feet, and wear 3" heels max.. i like the very prive, and rolande/o look...and want it in a nude or nude patent or tortoiseshell..)
  2. Good taste you have DRSM! Well, I started with the simples because of all the advice these WONDERFUL ladies gave me. I am searching for nude patent. Would love the tortoise but am not holding my breath. I have orered espadrilles ( black and white ) for spring as well as copper slides. I also am getting the patent wedges, 3 inch. I want the VP's too but can't find what I want in my size yet. You will get great advice here. There is a thread started earlier on the starter CL'S which many have commented on and that is helpful. I think you will see alot of the girls reccomend simples as the first pair and they are the most beautiful thing you will ever place on your foot.
    Please let us know what you decide!!
  3. My first pair was my beloved black patent/cork Bruges. =o)-

    I would suggest the Simple Pumps. They are so comfortable and gorgeous!
  4. cjy: thank you ;) I'm in great company here with all the fabulous ladies!!

    OO: simple pumps.. do they come in nude or patent nude? From reading the thread it seems like certain shoes only come in certain colors or heel heights.. how does that work?
  5. I don't think there is any rhyme or reason to it. They come in all different colors, materials, and heels. In the Simples, I have python in 100mm, nude kid in 85mm, and red patent in 100mm.
  6. Great taste DRSM :tup: My first pair were black simple pumps..very comfortable and classy. You will find yourself wearing these with everything and anything..seriously. They go with anything and gorgeous shoes. :girlsigh:
    Let us know what you choose in the end!
  7. I am on the "list" if they come out in nude patent for spring. I think they should come out then as the CL store told me that was a classic color and they are sure they will be available. The store in Beverly Hills is expecting some spring colors in a few weeks. In an earlier thread today there is a number to the SA there and you are to give Dana's name. I think it was new CL's or something like that. You better prepare yourself to get extremly hooked. It's like a legal drug!!:tup::woohoo:
  8. I just checked. the thread was CL'S available in BH next week. I spoke with Dana today and she was very sweet. Go to the thread and get the number. I am very excited for you!!
  9. Oh my GOSH!!! i love it!!! You're too sweet!:heart:! I'll call them up tomorrow!!! I'm so excited!! I was gonna go ahead and order black simple off the Saks website.. but what i really want are the nude patent I'll see how that goes first..

    b/c it's patent should i go a size up?
  10. Sizing is different for everyone unfortunately, but I went up half a size. Maybe you can ask around a little and go with the majority. :smile:
  11. DRSM - welcome to the dangerous yet wonderful world of Louboutin shoes, get used to it here, because I think that you will be joining us much more often from now on.
    I agree with the comments above about the simple pumps. Classic and versatile style, and most importantly very comfy. I have see the nude kidskin simples in the 85mm heel on NAP. And I have heard that there will be a lot of nude styles in the CL boutiques in the coming months.
    I remember my first purchase, and I still love those shoes as much as any of my current ones.
  12. yup NAP does have nude simple but my size is sold out. I'm gonna tread lightly in this new territory i'm only interested in getting maybe 1 or 2 for now... lol.. we'll see how it goes though :shame:
  13. Ok girls, I think she is in, I guess she needs to know some of the rules: Enter at you own risk. Be prepared to show all purchases with your TPF buddies, no exceptions. Be prepared to give advise and drool when needed. We will do the same for you. Ask for and expect honesty, and the same will be done for you. You will be called on for advice, be on alert. Don't take anything personally, we don't, that's why we ask for advice. It's a big purchase so we look out for one another. You may be asked at some point if you have had or in need of a pedicure. Do not take offense,we are women who are bonded and we must not send any TPF member out with less than perfect feet.
    Lastly, we all generlly love or can at least appreciate all of his shoes, however not all shoes suited for everyone, we support that. A 5 inch heel I may love on you but might not be me, and so on. Remember, we are here for you, you don't need to do this alone. However, be advised we ARE admitted enablers. Ok, go forth and buy! May the force be with you!
  14. :lol: ok... got it! :yes: i've already done quite a bit of drooling the past couple of nights! i'm so in love with some of the shoes that are on here... i would never be able to pull off a 5" or even a 4".. i'd rather go about my day with out the foot pain.. but they sure do look hot!!!
  15. Cjy- You are hilarious! Love that post..made my day :tup: It's very true! :biggrin: