Your first Chanel of 2007 will be....

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  1. well i stole the thread from the Louis Vuitton section...sorry

    well anyways im gonna get a Cambon =)

    im so glad they are coming back.
  2. I want a classic flap!
  3. a jumbo lambskin flap in a bright color
  4. flaps are cute but im afraid the chain strap is uncomfy.
  5. I want a classic flap in caviar... with silver hardware. Not too sure about the colour yet, but I think black. If not the PST in white caviar! Next year, one of those is going to be MINE!!!!!
  6. After seeing Roey's bag and a picture of Stacy's collection, I may have to get a cloudy bundle, if not, probably the patent classic.
  7. I used to think that too, but I've got two Flaps now and the straps are very comfy.
  8. I'd love a bright red Jumbo Flap if they come out with that color.:love:
  9. My fingers are crossed for the teal baby cabas...if I can't get my hands on that, I hope for something bright and fun and BIG!
  10. I am hoping to find my first Chanel for 07 in the next few days in Vegas. Maybe the Lux Bowler in Dark Silver? hhhmmm...
  11. I'm planning on buying my first ever Chanel bag in 2007. I want a Jumbo classic Flap in caviar leather.....:heart:
  12. distressed black patent Flap with silver hardware (medium)
    black lambskin Kelly with silver hardware (small)
    black Reissue

    * if I can find any of them *
  13. It is time for a classic caviar 2.55 in medium in either beige or white for
  14. ooh ok thanks
  15. well, apparently I am getting the Lady Braid handbag in 2007 since it did not arrive yesterday!