Your first Birkin/Kelly

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  1. Do you ladies remember how and when got the first Birkin/Kelly?

    Mine was a 32 vert anis Kelly chevre palladium souple and I got it in Paris last june.

    I was in Paris for the weekend with dh and went on to faubourg Saint-Honoré.:smile:

    As I entere the shop they told me "no Birkind and Kelly in Paris" I was surprised because I haven' asked for it at all.

    I started looking around and than asked to see a classical bag in a uncommon colour. I didn't ask for Kelly or Birkin, just classic bag.

    The Sa came from the back with this incredible Kelly bag!!!

    I hope I will find my birkin soon the same way..maybe in NY....
  2. About 15 years ago I decided it was time to get my Kelly, so I made the trip to Palm Beach. I walked in and they asked what I wanted. I wasn't that picky, but said I wanted a black box specific size, hw etc.

    They had one...brought it from the was 28, black box, souple, gold hardware and gorgeous. Held it right away and purchased right away!

    It was a no brainer. To this day I have no regrets on the purchase and it is gorgeous. Looks almost identical to the day I purchased it.
  3. :love: :love: :love:

    ps La Van there was some other thread about your first anything hermes or something like that, but I never get tired of reading them. :flowers:
  4. ^^ thanks HiHeels!
  5. I love these stories! Alas, my story is nothing quite so romantic. About three years ago, I saw a black box mini Kelly on ebay from a very reputable seller. That began my mini Kelly collection. Since then, I've added two more and ordered a 25cm Kelly and Birkin. But, lately, I've been absolutely dying for a 25 Birkin - must. get. one. now!!!:hysteric:
  6. It was a Friday night and I finished work early. I have been telling my DH since that morning that I had planned to visit the boutique that night. I had my heart set on a potiron Kelly (or if I was lucky that day a Birkin) but I had called both boutiques that we have here and was told that all thay had was Kelly's in 32 and a BJ togo kelly in 28.
    When my husband came, he thought that I wasn't serious about going and all he had on were a white shirt with a pair of shorts and slippers(which is a staple here in Hawaii). And I told him that if they don't have the one I want then I wouldn't be getting any,
    So off we went to the main store which is Waikiki and all they had was 32 togo black and vert arnis which is actually too big for me.
    Then we tried the Ala Moana branch. I already accepted the fact that this might not be the day.
    When we went in all I saw on the display was the BJ and was walking arounf when a male SA went up to me and asked if I needed to see something. I had him take out the BJ and tried it on and then asked if they have something in potiron. He went to back and checked and a few minutes later(which seemed so long) came out with a box that is still sealed. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him coming. He said that they don't have the potiron but that I might be interested in seeing the new orange color that they have in the new leather.
    I know that before he even opened the box that she would be coming home with me. When he opened it, it was love at first sight.:girlsigh:
  7. Dianagrace....was a wonderful story! I too would love to know how often you use your bag....what size, color and leather????
  8. Mine is not as romantic as I'd have liked it to be but I think it has a lovely ending....

    I first saw my 32cm Chocolate Togo Kelly on the LZ web-site and just loved how it looked - nice slouch, yummy color, lovely gold hardware. I didn't know much about kelly's then...I just know that I loved it! I emailed the boyz at LZ and we began what has turned out to be a wondeful cyber friendship just from asking a few questions about the bag....and with the help of my friends on the PF here, I bought it!

    When she arrived a few days later I was in 7th heaven! She was as perfect as described and even more beautiful than her photographs! :girlsigh:
  9. Love, love LOVE your stories. Wish mine was as romantic as all of yours.

    Some of you may already know the story so I don't want to bore anyone. To cut a long story short. It took me a long time to work up enough courage to place my first order. I've already declined a marine Togo Birkin 35 (I didn't "sing" to me, if you get my drift) which annoyed the manager to no end. After a lot of discussions with my wonderful friends at another forum, my very first bag had to be special - Thalassa/Chevre/Pall Birkin 30. It took 3.5 years because they couldn't convince an atelier to make it for me. Finally, I got THE CALL.

    I made my understanding hubby take time off work, flew across the Tasman to Sydney and the SAs forgot to track the package. It was stuck in the warehouse of the freight company they were using and due to security reasons, they will not open it up in the w/end. Poor hubby had to wait around for another 2 days before he could pick up my Birkin.

    Hmmm... that wasn't so short.
  10. ^ but SOOOOOO worth the wait, is DIVINE!!!!!

    Sydney is my boutique - I'm glad they could help you out (they're a bit 'cliquey' sometimes) don't have an Hermes in NZ??
  11. Thank you, Kristie! There's a teeny tiny little Hermes counter at DFS with a smattering of offerings - a small selection of scarves, twillys and pochettes. Others are those cottony bags (sorry can't remember the names), watches, enamel bracelet and perfumes. Get this, they used to offer 15% discount to VIPs and if I travel overseas, I get an additional 12.5% off. They've since stopped their practice. Damn, wish I bought an enamel bracelet before the stripped off the discount.

    A friend of mine loves Greg but since I don't normally shop there, he was a little, well, arrogant. I can't say my SA in Melbourne is wonderful since they made endless mistakes with my Birkin. I envy the relationship LaVan has with her SAs.

    How do you like the Sydney store?
  12. Thanks HiHeels and Shopmom:flowers:

    I bought my bag in April of this year (32cm Gold Togo Souple w/ Pall. HW) I love it so much. I use it every weekend unless I take my godson to the park (for that I use my LL Bean tote or a Longchamp) and 2-3 times during the week depending on what I have to do at work. If I can stay at the office and only leave for lunch or to make bank deposits then I take it with me. I am not using it at all this week because I have to go to the courthouse everyday and I don't like to put it through the x-ray machine and have the guards inspect it. I don't use it when it rains either, I am still paranoid about it getting wet. When I am not using it though I worry about it (it's like my Kelly is my child) I am always worried that someone is going to break in my house and steal it.