Your first Birkin, how did you celebrate

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  1. Ok, because of another thread, got me thinking, what if anything did you do to celebrate your first Birkin/Kelly/or other H dream bag.

    I realize that not everyone dreams to own a Birkin, or a Kelly, so whatever H bag you saved/waitedfor/drooled/lusted over is fine but what if anything did you do when you got your first one? They say you never forget your first!
  2. After I bought my BBB at the GV shop, I took it back to my hotel and went back to my Paris office where I had loads of meetings followed by a client event in the evening. But, once I was back at the hotel, I popped a mini champagne bottle, and drank it with a straw whilst staring at my new baby. I celebrated on my own first, and once I got back to London I posted my reveal here to celebrate with my tpf friends.
  3. Well, you guys were here!:yahoo:

    I celebrated by doing a reveal, something I have wanted to do on TPF for years.

    I also celebrated by carrying her around the house all week, LOL. Wherever I go, she goes -- well, OK, except the bathroom :greengrin:

    In fact, am still celebrating.

    Only you on this forum understand the rush you get every time you even look at that first Birkin during the honeymoon!

    :shame:Um... I almost got into an accident because I was admiring her as I backed out of a parking space and didn't look behind me! Thank goodness that lady honked!
  4. i never celebrated when i got my birkin did not do a reveal either hmmm maybe i should do a late reveal as a way to celebrate getting a birkin :thinking:
  5. hahaha, same as Rose, celebrated by doing a reveal here and went out to dinner with my DH (who flew to Europe from Dubai- germany-paris- germany- dubai and back) just to buy my birkin and I surprised him as well with his Fave PS3. hahah :P
  6. kaka, are u online? hahah :P sorry out of topic :sad:
  7. Hey cookielicious im online :P
  8. took lots of pictures LOL
  9. I did a reveal on tpf!!! My first one!
  10. I bought my Birkin in a neighbor country store as 'my' store was not open yet. marvelous opportunity to immediately put my stuff in it and start shopping. Then I had lunch and was very happy with my new bag.
  11. My first birkin was a blue jean birkin. I celebrated quietly in my room-- then tucked it away for a while cuz I was so scared of using it LOL.
  12. I just stared at mine for quite some time and played with all the different outfits to go with it.
  13. I'm still in the honeymoon period right now :cloud9:, staring at my beautiful Birkin at this very moment. :nuts: Just wondering how long this will last?? Maybe until I get my next Birkin, so they'll have 2 take turns. :P I did a reveal and I also take her out around the house to do modeling with different outfits before I officially carry her out with me.
  14. I kept looking at it and smelling it (couldn't help myself as it was intoxicating). My DH was taking pictures of me holding it and he said "why don't you just stick your head in it and surround yourself with the smell?" so I did and he took a picture of me with my new Birkin on my head! That night, I slept with her on my nightstand and the next day I did my first reveal on tpf. I guess I am kind of weird :weird:
  15. I did the Pee-Wee Herman dance across the living room with Birkin in hand :nuts: