your first big purchase

  1. so im saving for my first big purchase, either a LV or Chanel, but i wanted to know if you remember your first BIG purse purchase what it was and how you felt after spending that much $$$ and getting the purse youd been saving looking forward to your replies!!!
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  3. My first big purchase was a Gucci Bag - an Abbey cargo purse.
    I LOVED it, never looked back!
  4. i just bought my first chanel bag!!!!!!!!! and i LOVE IT
  5. My first designer handbag was a black balenciaga city.
  6. My first bag splurge was a second-hand LV Soufflot from ebay. When it arrived, I didn't like it that much, so I sold it. Although I felt it was worth the price, I just couldn't find it useful enough. I used the proceeds to buy a second-hand Chanel 2.55 bag in lambskin leather. This time, I didn't regret it. I just adore my Chanel!
  7. My first majorly big purchase was a Marc Jacobs satchel. I felt bad for spending more than 1k. Over time, I eventually got used to the price tags of handbags from premium designers.
  8. Mine was my LV Mezzo tote. I'd had LV before but this was my first LV purchase that I'd bought myself.
  9. My first big bag purchase was a LV Houston, which I found on eBay. Granted it was about 1/3 of retail price, but for me it was a lot! After I bought that bag, I FINALLY realized what the big deal was about designer handbags. lol :smile:
  10. My first big purchase was my LV medium looping. That day was perfect ... I bought it for my up coming birthday. The SA even mailed me a thank you card and wished me happy birthday. I could never sell that bag ... it's too sentimental.:tender:
  11. my first designer bag was a Dior Trotter Saddle Pouch which was only $220, but my first BIG purchase was the Louis Vuitton Monogram Mat Shelton, which at the time was more or less $950
  12. My first big purchase was an lv speedy 25. i bought it through elux late late one night after a party so it wasn't as thrilling as buying a bag in the store.
  13. My first was a Louis Vuitton black epi tresor wallet and then a matching card holder. Then a Jimmy Choo Ross bag...
  14. My first big purchase was a Monogram Speedy 30 on 1 July 2006... I got it for my 21st birthday, which was yesterday.
  15. first of all, happy bday shopaholic isis :P

    my first above 500$ splurge on handbag is an eggplant purse balenciaga on ebay. i craved that bag and put on a bid, the auction ends at 6 AM, i can't sleep well the entire night and put alarm few minutes before the auction ends. and I WON THE AUCTION!!! it was such a great thrill :yahoo: