Your feelings on buyers who passive-aggresively feedback-threaten you?

  1. Ok, maybe Im reading her wrong but check this out: She BIN's a $295 bag, pays immediately and then sends me a message saying "please send immediately for positive feedback."

    Again, maybe I am reading too much into it, but wtf! Yes, im going to send the bag, and no, you dont need to tell me to send the bag, and on top of that, have a thinly veiled "feedback threat" in your message that insinuates that if I dont rush over to the post office after my breakfast of eggs and toast, cut in front of everyone in line and mail you your package to ensure you get it as quickly as possible, you just might (or probably will) leave less than savory feedback.


    What do you think? Am I overreacting?
  2. Sorry, you made me laugh. No, I think I'd read that the same way. It's pretty funny actually. I'd never think of emailing a seller that. I find most sellers ship pretty quick. That buyer must have just had her share of snails pace shipping times. Poor thing. lol I wonder what kind of response someone thinks that will get...:confused1:

    Maybe you should reply with something like..."well, I had planned on shipping immediately but now I think I will wait a day or two. Thanks again for your purchase". :roflmfao: I'm just kidding, don't even respond to that.
  3. I would just ship it the way your normally do. There was another thread recently about buyers who do not really ask questions but threaten the seller...for example, a potential buyer emailed me wanting additional assurances of authenticity but put it in such a way as to suggest that she really dreaded going through the eBay/paypal reporting chargeback process should it be a fake. I resonded by asking her not to bid on my item and blocked her. I understand buyers are wary and many have been burnt on eBay, myself included, but if you are careful and smart you can usually figure out who is on the up and up and who is not. Just ship her but do not leave any feedback until she leaves yours. Good luck..she could be potential trouble but I hope not.
  4. not quite the same subject but does anyone else notice that buyers who ask lots of questions very rarely bid at all? I always answer any questions if I am selling something and it doesn't bother me - I just noticed it. Usually the person who buys comes in right at the end without asking anything at all! :shrugs:
  5. I don't leave feedback first for that exact reason.
  6. It could be that the buyer has won things in the past and hasn't received them, so she might be a little paranoid. She might be afraid of getting burned. I'd just send as you normally do, get her the tracking number, and you should be fine.
  7. Lol, that made me laugh. After she leaves you a +, add in hers that she was pushy...I hate pushy buyers *hugs*
  8. How about this response - "Please stop bugging me immediately for positive feedback".
  9. You mean you are going to eat BEFORE you ship it??!!:lol:

    I am with you, I hate when they insuate "make sure you package it well" < that is insulting to me.

    I used to ship the day of or after people paid. Then I realized that people just paid when they wanted and I was making daily trips to the P.O. and it was starting to cost me:wtf:
    So now I ship only Tues. & Fri. and it is posted in my listings so people realize to pay the day BEFORE they want it shipped.

    But like some have said, she may just be paranoid. I never leave FB first, I used to wait at least 14 days(enough time for someone to contact me) and got burned twice with no contact so I quit.
  10. maybe she was burned before about someone sending her stuff to her maybe thats why she's being paranoid about it which is kind of understandable..i recently won a bag on e bay and i had sent the lady my check..i didnt hear back from her and i kept e mailing her about it and i was getting kind of mad come to find out she e mailed me back and apologized because she was in the hospital. i felt kind of bad and i apologized and asked her if she was ok....
  11. The nerve of some people! LOL....if she looks at your shipping stars (that new, ridiculous thing that eBay made up) she can see that you ship on a timely manner. Besides, who's to say that the slow shipping is the seller's fault and not the PO?
  12. I would simply tell her that you always ship within 48 hours or so, and you don't leave feedback until she does when you know she's happy. Feel free to remind her that ebay requires an item to be shipped within 30 days!
  13. Sounds like she was burned in the past by a very slow-to-ship seller. I agree that the terseness and wording of her message is a little unnecessary, but I think of you ship as you do usually, you should be fine. :smile:
  14. I think you are overreacting. Just send her a message back indicating when you will be shipping and that you will send a tracking number once it's available. Most buyers just want some sort of confirmation that you know they paid. She could have used a better choice of words, but she may not have been thinking about it as much as you are. Hopefully she isn't a psycho buyer and will leave appropriate feedback.
  15. If your buyer has trouble with the English language then I'm guessing it just came out all wrong (I deal with people like this at work all the time. I get "insulting" questions/comments only to realize that something has been lost in translation)

    But if English is not a problem, she may just be a little paranoid...