Your feedbacks for LV shoes needed...

  1. Hey guys....

    I've been away for awhile...since the new Damiers werent interesting and am waiting to SO some things when they become open to do so later....

    Now Im looking to start collecting some LV shoes.....I like very mellow designs..but some of the lovley ones of LV really caught my eye....

    But like all things, I love to do much research...I havent tried any so dont know about the longevity or wearability of them.....can you guys help me with your experiences on them???

    Are they as good as the purses???? Any pics of your beauties???:nuts:
  2. I was gonna post something about LV shoes. I like the classic MC Marina Pump. It's so cute. I'm considering the LV pump or the Dior boots. There's a post in Beautiful MC collection club, check it out.
  3. I love LV shoes. I find them very durable and well made.
  4. i have the Mini Lin Ebene Ballet Flats and Melusine Sandals, and they're very comfortable and durable.
  5. I have the black monte carlo's, MC Marina Heels & Flats, LVoe Heels and Spa mules love them all they are comfortable to an extent. Possibly the least comfortable is the Marina Flats the vachetta trim makes the shoe bit pretty rigid so it kinda digs in as your foot bends, but I live in the UK my feet don't get much flip flop action in a year if I was able to wear them more maybe they'd be better.

    I'm hoping to add a couple a pairs to the family soon
  6. its funny how an expensiv e shoe isn't always a great shoe!
  7. I have the white MC wedges, black MC flats and the denim Grenadine flats and love all of them.
    The wedges aren't so comfortable though, I always have to wrap my little toes in bandaids before I wear them.
  8. to me, the shoes are very hard. not comfortable. but every one is different. i tend to go with a softer shoe, Choo or Blahnik

  9. aww the things we do for shoes!
  10. The ones I've had aren't very comfortable. There is a shoe club thread in the clubhouse for LV shoe owners and TONS of photos. I have sold most of my shoes except three pair that I'm having trouble unloading -because although they are super cute, they just arent very comfy and I dont wear them enough because of that to justify the price tag.
    The most comfy ones ever to me are the multicolore ballets from 2003-04 with the plastic flower on the toe. They are made in the shape of the foot and they're the only pair that didnt make blisters on my feet. The 2005-06 multicolore ballets with the little purple ribbon hurt SOOO bad.
    Even the spa mules rubbed terrible blisters on my feet and I've heard the same about the soft leather moccasin type shoes.