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  1. what's your favourite bbag style? Is there a colour that's silverish black? :yes: thanks everyone!!! hehe i recently fell in love w/ balenciaga ..and slowly falling out of love from LV....;)
  2. it's between a city and a weekender :P
    you should check this blog by a loverly PFers balenciaga addict :yes:
  3. welcome welcome :biggrin: my favorite would be the CITY, and the first too... but CITY is one of the best sizes. As for Silverish black, there is a pewter?... also the black city I got has this silver shine tint on top!!
  4. I like the first and city!
  5. Hi Welcome!

    Just like you, I'm about to decrease my LV collection drastically in order to fund my new found love for Bbags. BBags are so practical, light and stylish!
    I like the city, it's not too big to a point where I feel like I can't take it out for a quick run somewhere or for dinners. I admit though, I've been contemplating back and forth if I should get the Natural/Cafe in a First rather than a City for my 3rd Bbag. The 1st two will be Cities. I keep changing my mind. I like how the First looks b/c it's very cute and not too impractically small, yet I feel like City is more versatile and might as well pay $200 to get the bigger one.
  6. the City! :yahoo:
  7. CITY :yes:
  8. Everyone will say City, but I say Part Time (not a popular one, but great nonetheless)!
  9. city!! and closely followed by my new found love - day :P
  10. Twiggy:love:
  11. I vote for city, but love a part-time also!
  12. Mine is the City, then the day!!
  13. THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeee!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i guess i have to have many bbags to explore my preference first haha, but as of now i love my work!!!
  15. Part Time and Weekender :love: