Your favourite seasonal bags?


Jan 7, 2010
Oh you are both teasing me now, lol. Looking forward to your reveal, DD! Xx

Thank you Sweety! Didn't mean to tease you :winkiss: It's just that Slow has tipped me a few days ago, when a certain bag popped up on Ebay. I hit the BIN without thinking twice! So one in, one out...
Couldn't sleep last night because of all the bagbusiness in my head :biggrin:
By the end of next week you'll see!


Jan 2, 2010
Oh i enjoy a bit of bag related back chat, lol. I am really looking forward to seeing it! Ikewym re losing sleep to fashion and decisions, it has happened to me many ones, lol. Last time it happened was when I was trying to decide on which wedding shoes to buy. I nearly sent myself insane flitting between websites and my head was whirling with all the choices. Still, you might be tired but at least you are excited! I hope it arrives and is perfect xx