Your favourite restaurant and where?

  1. I am always willing to try something new.

    Love to know what is your favourite restaurant and what they serve and where it is?:yes:

    Mine is "Makoto" in Sydney, they serve the best Japanese food. Love the Nabayaki soup noodles.:graucho:
  2. Boy-that changes with the month around here. There are so many good restaurants right near my house-and more opening all the time. Hmm-my most recent favorite is Moutarde-it is french cuisine-but not your typical creamy kind of french-a more modern french. And the atmosphere is great. here's a link to it:
  3. At the moment is LA Baton Rouge in Markham.
    Great service, food is wonderful and reasonably priced.

    There is a nother steak house ( not sure of the name) its a little pricy but fine dining isnt cheap. I like going there as a treat, this way i enjoy it so much more and dont get sick of it.
  4. My favorite place to eat in the DC area is a place called A&J, love, love noodle soup. :rolleyes:
  5. Hey were in DC is AJ?

    My favorite is the 15th Street Fisheries in Fort Lauderdale, FL, or maybe Shooters just for the view (people and water, LOL).

    In DC I like Marcel's for more upscale French food and Lebanese Taverna for more casual eating. Indique or Bombay Club for Indian, Spices or Raku for pan-Asian. Actually, I don't know if I have a favorite in DC, I guess it depends on the cuisine!
  6. I have many, but let me give you the short list LOL

    Most frequently visited:
    Saigon Grill (nyc) ---- best Vietnamese food ever!!!!
    Tao - i love it, but it's a bit pricey
    Sushi Samba ----- the sushi is pretty good, drinks are slammin, and I love the ambiance (the ambiance is what does it for me here)

    Special Occasions: Bouley.... the food is to die for!!!!
  7. Aside from the many sushi places I enjoy, my favorite for a casually elegant sit-down meal is Sweet Basil in Vail, CO. (Hint: if you go during ski season, go for lunch. Same great food, lower prices and easier to get a reservation.) Also check out The French Press in Edwards, CO. Fabulous French food.

    In Puerto Vallarta, Red Cabbage is a fave, as well as La Lagunita (right on a lagoon where turtles swim right up to you) and Bernardo's in Bucerias (excellent French Caribbean fare.)

    In LA, Crustacean. :love:
  8. In our town of Huntington we love Off the Wall Restaurant and Besito
    I NYC we love Maya which has great upscale mexican
  9. Oh, I have so many favorites, all in Chicago. For comfort food I love Ethiopian Diamond (or, "the Diamond," as I like to call it). For comfort sushi I go to Hama Matsu, where the chefs know my name and I have my own sake cup, and I never have to order anything because they know what I like and just start handing me giant platters of fish. Plus, since they're Korean they give me home made kim-chi, a huge plus. For fancy sushi I adore Sai Cafe. For sheer indulgence it doesn't get any better than Avec, although Blackbird next door is a close second. Oh, I could go on and on and on. Tonight we're headed to the Diamond, so I'm pretty stoked!
  10. my favorite restaurant in NJ is Fornos in the ironbound section of Newark. I love it because they make the best sangria, paella and have a wonderful menu. to include exotic dishes. the wine collection and desserts is wonderful.
  11. Craigie Street Bistrot in Cambridge/Boston
  12. Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills is my all time FAVORITE but I'll eat at The Cheesecake Factory ANYWHERE!
  13. Tapas Barcelona in Evanston, IL (by Chicago)! The food is moderately priced and SO good! And the sangria is fantastic :graucho:
  14. Oooh Lebanese Taverna is my absolute FAVORITE :love: I always have to stop by there when Im shopping in the Pentagon Area. They recently opened one in Tysons 2 Galleria...yumm :yes:
  15. A&J's has 2 locations: one in Rockville and the other in Annandale. They are always in Washingtonian's Cheap Eats guide.