Your favourite piece of jewelry!!

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  1. Hello everybody, I bet there`s alreadya thread about this, but I think is really interesting to see other people fav piece of jewelry. Most of the times it holds more sentimental value than economic, so if you please add the story behind the ring/bracelet/brooch,etc I will appreciate it.

    My fave piece is a bracelet, it`s an 18kt yellow gold bracelet snake shaped, the snakes head has a sapphire and two little emeralds are its eyes. My grandmother gave it to me when i turned 15, she received it from her mother who bought it when the lived in Paris (exile :S) as a present to my grandmas 15 birthday.
    I hope i can post a pic of it later.

    Now I wanna see yours!:biggrin:
  2. that's a lovely story want to see your sentimental heirloom now
  3. Here`s the snake bracelet I`ve talked you about..hope you like it!:biggrin:

    Attached Files:

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  4. I am getting goosebumps just looking at it. it really does look like a real snake but in gold.
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  5. Hahaha It does! I think It has to be handmade because it`s really old
  6. love this thread..let me think, ill be back:smile:
  7. Oh La the snake bracelet.
  8. My sentimental piece is what I call my "chicago ring". It's a 3mm plat band with 3 small diamonds set into it. Similar to the Elsa Peretti band with one stone. It is what I deem my "official" wedding band, but it's the ring my husband gave me after our first trip away around our 3 month "dating anniversary" when we both knew we'd be marrying each other and that it was the real deal.
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  9. I have so many but my main was... is this very thin 14k wire bracelet. It has these to wrapped wire pieces that make it bigger or smaller.

    My mother found it in a parking lot about 15 years ago.. and i have been wearing it ever since.
  10. Gucci 18K mors horsebit bracelet (its full name is longer but I can't remember)

    It even goes exactly with my jockey boston should I have the bad taste to wear them together LOL
  11. Mine would be my engagement ring :heart: Sorry the pic is so big...

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  12. Thanks for sharing! :yahoo:
  13. ChiChi your E ring is spectacular (and so are your nails)
  14. my david yurman berry candy confetti ring :biggrin:.

    i like that it has 3 cable loops for the 3 xmas's and valentine's day we've celebrated :smile:
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