Your favourite-most-wonderful-ever-prettiest-ring-of-the-decade!!!

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  1. Wow!!!! Gorgeous F&F!!!
  2. ^thank you! I'm so excited, I don't know what to do with myself. I slept with the ring on last night...hehe :P

    the stone is from brazil, & cut in thailand. the flashes are pinky/purple in natural light. my mom has a large amethyst from brazil, but her flashes aren't as pink as mine are. her stone is darker though...maybe that's why.

    ^thank you! my head is still spinning! LOVE your did I miss that? did you do a reveal? gonna go search now...
  3. love it! hahaha I totally do that with a pece i'm in love with. if i'm home sick with a cold or flu or something I put on my biggest and best always makes me feel better:graucho:
  4. I do the exact same thing!!! :wtf:

    people think I'm crazy, but it makes me feel better. laying in bed, dying, in my PJs, watching DVDs, & enjoying my jewelry :P
  5. hahah exactly! for me its table full of kleenex with vicks, cough medicine, oversized t shirt, tights, fleecy socks and over to top cocktail ring and an arm full of bracelets LOL... the gems and shinyness somehow make it feel just a bit better:lol:
  6. Oh, Frick...just gorgeous! Amethyst is my birthstone.
    Amethysts represent good health and fortune!
  7. Great taste girl!!:graucho: I agree, Levian tanzanite are so gorgeous!! And I know the ring you are taking about with the trilliant cut tanzanite and diamonds!! Talk about a stuuner...let's see pics!!:yahoo:

    Just saw this post MJ...a little late. LOL! I had the LeVian trillion made into a picky ring.
    I'll try to post pics.
  8. thank you! I'm just ecstatic with the way that this ring turned out!!!

    it's your birthstone? well, you're in good company in my book. it's also the birthstone of my most beloved sister, my youngest niece, my SIL, & one of my closest friends :hugs: you have any green or pink amethyst?
  9. looking to have a emerald ring made in Ireland. unfortunately not having much luck. Love everything about this ring. may i ask the jeweler?
  10. What a delicious thread :biggrin:
  11. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that your ring is lovely! I also get eczema on my hands and it is depressing, but your hands don't look bad at all!!
  12. david yurman, yellow gold, champagne citrine.

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  13. another david yurman ring.

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  14. beautiful rings! I love big gemstones.
  15. thank you!
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