Your favourite-most-wonderful-ever-prettiest-ring-of-the-decade!!!

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  1. monica-- the pink is a FABULOUS addition to your collection! congratulations...simply beautiful! the blue stone is probably a blue topaz.
  2. Thank you f&f!! And yes, it's indeed a topaz.

    I am still in doubt whether I should buy 3 Pomellato nudo rings. What do you think?? Will it have added value next to the Morganno Bello rings?

  3. I need to google to see what you're talking about. if the Pomellato rings are the standard bezel-set gemstone stackables, they would look nice mixed together. I have to say that the Morganno rings are so simple, unique, elegant, & spectacular. they are the prettiest stackables that I've ever seen!

    gonna google...brb...
  4. OK...I think these are the pomellato rings that you're talking about:

    they will look cool interspersed with the morganno, but I am completely in love with the morganno. if you feel like you can live without the pomellato, I say don't buy them. they do not look nearly as special/unique/artistic/striking/elegant as the morganno IMO.

    what do you think?
  5. Yes that's what I mean! The Morganno Bello rings cured me from my Nudo addiction. But as I was so absolutely sure about the Nudo's before, this question pops up every now and then.

    I think you are right. Thanks for advising me. Exactly what I needed. Especially as I can buy 8-9 Morganno Bello rings for the price of 1 Nudo!!
  6. honestly, for me, I'd pick the morganno even if they were MORE expensive. they are unique, artful, elegant. they look like your style (& mine!!!). you won't see them on other people. they are my first choice for sure!!!

  7. :yahoo: I've tried so many Nudo's but could never decide on the right combination. While I directly fell in love with these. It's indeed my style... And yours:biggrin:
  8. I have been wearing this ring lately since it's my birthstone. I do love it! madgascar pink sapphires:



  9. user215093_pic65673_1285270414_thumb[1].jpg

    My fav.. ring is my wedding ring and engagement ring..

    The engagement

    Has two heart shaped yellow diamonds and the round shaped clear diamond

    The Wedding ring has a traditional passage from the Torah-

    I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. (Song Of Solomon 6:3) ...
  10. very pretty! I've never seen a combination like that.

  11. Wow! There are some gorgeous rings on here.
  12. this is beautiful Coach Addict! Love the passage from the Torah on your ring.

  13. Gorgeous as ever Frick&Frack!!! I missed to see your beautiful ring designs!
  14. Gorgeous F& the ring a LeVian?
    Beautiful ring, Coach...the Torah passage makes it all the more special!!!
  15. ^thank you!:hugs: have you gotten any new additions to your morganno collection?

    ^thank you! no, it's not a levian, but perhaps it's similar? I rarely buy designer pieces. I'm a stone collector, so I buy based on the stone & the aesthetics. I was drawn to this ring, but I don't know anything about the manufacturer.