Your favourite-most-wonderful-ever-prettiest-ring-of-the-decade!!!

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  1. :biggrin: Which ring is YOUR pride and joy! Post one ring (or two) that is YOUR favourite-best-ever-most-wonderful-prettiest ring of the decade!!!:yahoo:
  2. The ring I love the most is my wedding ring. A simple band with 14 diamonds. Here I wear it with my solitair diamond ring (not an E-ring).

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    That's one ginormous and fabulous rock Monica! This will be fun to see everyone's ring of the decade.

    Mine would be my Van Cleef 2 Butterflies between-the-finger ring. I absolutely :heart: it and wear it almost every day. It's very special because I really thought hard about getting it and even set-up a ring fund for it ... meaning using the sale proceeds from stuff I didn't wear/use anymore from my closet! That meant A LOT of stuff lol! :lol: So, I'm really glad I was able to partially de-clutter my closet and use the funds for something I really love and wear! :biggrin:

  4. ^ I absolutely LOVE your butterflies, they are spectacular!! What a unique piece!
  5. LaVan....I'm unfamiliar with your gorgeous ring! How does it remain on?

    GAH!!! It's really stunning.....
  6. I'm wondering the same thing! It looks like it would fall when you open your fingers.

    It's so beautiful!
  7. It's a normal ring on the bottom but it's 'open' at the top. The gold/platinum is spread out in order to make the butterflies appear as if they're sitting on the edge of your fingers. I hope that makes sense.
  8. what a stunning ring LaVan! Soooo pretty and unique and happy!!!!

  9. La Vanguardia, that's a gorgeous ring!
  10. I have a few favorite rings of mine...

    1.97ct pink & .33ct white diamond pave flower in 18K RG
  11. Holy!! This ring is so beautifully made. Do you also have a pic of this ring on your finger? I am looking forward to see you other favorites! :nuts::nuts:

  12. there's not a lot of sun here today, but I'll get a few pics for you!
  13. ^Good Lord, F&F........You're ring is gorgeous! I love the Pink and white Pave diamonds beautiful :heart:
  14. here ya go!

    taken outside with some poinsettias that I just bought/planted.

  15. the case you want to see it

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