Your favourite chocolatier?

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  1. la maison hands down try the macarons and the "mendiant" it's like a chocolate bark with everything it it!! such a treat!!
  2. Ethel M's is mmm...mmm...good!
  3. Lindt ftw!
  4. a fellow tPF'er turned me on to "Milka" chocolate (thank you!!)'s inexpensive and fabulous!
  5. piere marcolini :smile:
  6. i love Godiva! too bad my place only has 2 godiva store and they are so oer priced!
    lindts is good to in my opinion afforable replacement of godiva!
  7. Brown & Haley almond roca butter crunch toffee. Soooo good.

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  8. Lindt
  9. la masion du chocolate & vosges
  10. lindt
  11. Always stop in at Godiva when shopping at the mall.