Your favourite chocolatier?

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  1. i really love Richart chocolates.
  2. I love See's. The only chocolate I can't stand is Godiva. I worked for them after HS and will never buy their products again.
  3. rococo in the kings road london,have bought there choclate for years,spend around £40 a month,instead of crap high sugar bars,my treat i love
  4. Has anyone tried chocolate from Stettler? I'm curious about them
  5. When I'm in New York I like to get Mariebelle chocolates as gifts ( They're very pretty and I think they taste good too (one of my favorites is the gianduja).

    Other favorites... Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel, See's caramel almond clusters, some Godiva truffles, Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bar, M&M Premium raspberry almond, Ferrero Rocher.

    Now that I've seen some of the other posts on this thread I need to try out Marcolini and La Maison du Chocolat!

    Man I wish I had some chocolates next to me right now!
  6. Godiva
  7. Richart and Asbach Uralt with Brandy is my favorite favorite! :nuts:
  8. Godiva, Royce and Meiji's Melty Kiss/blend :drool:
  9. - Camille Bloch (there's no better mousse chocolate)
    - Feodora (rum cream truffle - yummy!)
    - Niederegger (bittersweet chocolate filled with marzipan)
  10. Haigh's and Green & Black's
  11. This is my fav, too!

    Godiva is OK in an emergency. But only the clamshell with hazelnut filling.
  12. La Maison du Chocolat is AMAZING... I've been in love with them for years and unfortunately (for me haha) I live really close by to one of their locations. :love: I'm more addicted to their chocolate macaroons than anything else, though. I do like Lindt's milk chocolate truffles and also Godiva ones. Hmm, and Ghirardelli mill chocolate is amazing!
  13. Godiva, Ghiradelli, and Green and Blacks...esp the 70% cocao!
  14. Norman Love out of Ft. Myers, FL. I believe he designed the Godiva G collection. I love all of his collections!
  15. It can only be Godiva - I could bathe iin their choc truffle sauce and their ice cream is to die for