Your favourite chocolatier?

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  1. I've never tried Aussie Cadbury, but Cadbury items from the UK are very different than American Hershey products. I don't know if that helps at all!
  2. I can get Cadbury UK or Cadbury US here. Some of the products have different names or packaging, but the chocolate tastes similar. It's cheap chocolate, but it's nothing like Hershey.. Cadbury is very smooth and creamy, whereas Hershey has a snappy texture and tastes very waxy. Btw, Hershey US is going to be moving its production to Mexico, so the quality is expected to decline even more!! :blink:
  3. ^ Really? That is kind of sad! I lived in PA and can remember going to Hershey Park as a kid... their chocolate is kind of snappy and sharp though. I'll eat it (of course), but I don't love it. Well, the nuggets in extra creamy w/ toffee are are really good though!
  4. As far as I know, they're keeping corporate hq here in PA, but they're moving most of their production to Monterrey, because it's just so expensive to do it here. It was a big scandal lol! I agree it's sad, though.
  5. Sees. Or ghiradelli ;)
  6. ^^^ Oooooo, I forgot about See's! I LOVE See's chocolates! Especially the ones with caramel and almonds. Mmmmmm. Good ole, old-fashioned American treats!
  7. I LOVE Pierre Marcolini. When I went to Brussels, I bought several boxes and took them back with me to the U.S. They have a store in NYC but the price is about 1.5x - 2x more I believe. I also like Maison du Chocolat.
  8. La maison du chocolat! soooo good
  9. My favourite chocolatier is Green&Black's! Especially their milk chocolate with whole Almonds...I just had some today.
  10. Kilwin's. Yummy yummy Kilwins. No doubt about it.
  11. Thomas Haas, hands down. His chocolates are divine.
  12. when i was a little kid, my mom used to buy little sleds full of See's chocolate. very good traditional chocolate. but i love lindt- not overly sweet like a hershey's bar but nice and smooth. my favorite candy bar is the milk chocolate with a wafer in the middle with hazelnut cream- it reminds me of a more sophisticated kit kat bar.
  13. Purdy's and Green & Blacks! Yummmmmmmm:drool:
  14. La Bohème and Godiva.
  15. La maison du chocolat - is it available outside NYC?