Your favourite chocolatier?

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  1. Lindt, Ferrero, Boucheron, Cadbury... I also love Trader Joe's Belgian chocolate too. It's so cheap, but it tastes great!
  2. La maison du chocolat...Need I say more? I also love their macarons glacees..
  3. Jean-Paul Hévin, Ladurée, Patrick Roger, Pierre Hermé, Fauchon & La Maison du Chocolat
  4. Bernard Callebaut for me!
    His stuff is so fresh... and there is such an amazing selection of truffles and unique chocolates. Love it :love:

    I love Theo as well... I always do a stop there when I visit Seattle. When you Seattlelites come up to Canada, you should stop at Bernard Callebaut... you won't be disappointed!
  5. Oh, I actually really love Marcolini :smile:
  6. For cheaper good chocolate I love Dove. It's very smooth tasting

    I love Godiva, of course. I love their raspberry truffles.

    And I love Harry and David dark chocolate truffles.
  7. Is there a store in Vancouver BC? :biggrin:
  8. I love both brands! Dove is yummy for a cheaper option too.

    I actually dislike Godiva. I mean, I WILL eat it :P, but won't buy it.

    I like to go to World Market and check out all the different brands from all over- I will pick up something if it sounds interesting. I've found some good things that way too.
  9. I like Scharffenburger (i'm sure i butchered that), Cadbury from the UK, and Lindt.

    But I will also gladly eat a Milky Way or Snickers too!
  10. I think we have similar taste in chocolate! I love Dove too-- I'd forgotten all about it. I'm not a big fan of Godiva either. I don't think it's all that :shrugs:

    My biggest gripe is when chocolate is waxy and not very flavorful. I think a lot of American chocolate is like that.
  11. My favorite is Marcolini. Their chocolate covered hazel nuts and almonds are gold.

    Then there is Godiva
  12. Is Cadbury from the UK different to Australian Cadbury?

    Because I liken Aussie Cadbury to Hersheys :s:shame:
  13. I'm going to a chocolate tasting in a few weeks and will report back. They will be offering over twenty different kinds, I can't wait. :drool:
  14. I thought I was the only one who disliked Godiva! Maybe it's too sugary or something. I love, LOVE Dove chocolates. So smooth and rich, but somehow not disgustingly heavy.