Your favourite chocolatier?

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  1. As per always when in Brussels, I end up at Marcolini to buy DH his box of treats and he ends up at Godiva for me. I've lived in Belgium all my life so I know my chocolate and whilst I adore the things Marcolini can do with vanilla in his cakes, his chocolates for me are a little 'too experimental'. DH however dies of joy several times into each box... I'm a Godiva girl.

    Who is your favourite chocolatier? How often do you indulge?

    This btw - - is the strangest chocolatier in the country, extremely creative but unfortunately also quite yucky.
  2. I absolutely love the Godiva Creme Brulee chocolate. I used to get a whole box of those whenever I visited the mall.

    I'm not really loyal to a specific chocolate shop, but I do love See's. The Almond Royals are delicious!

    There's also a local place in WA called Fran's Chocolates and they have a unique selection of chocolate carmels with sea salt, which is surprisingly good.
  3. i was a godiva girl, until a company we work with sent us a a large sampling of vosges chocolate for christmas. all i can say is oh. my. goodness.
  4. I'm a Godiva girl also.

    I did go to Theo Chocolate a few weeks ago (organic, fair trade chocolatier in Seattle). They sure had some interesting flavors..... coconut curry chocolate anyone? Their 45% milk wasn't bad but I still prefer Godiva.

    I will have to check out Fran's next- thanks for the rec usillypenguin :smile:
  5. Where is Theo Chocolate located?

    There's a Fran's in U Village, Bellevue, and I think they just opened one up downtown. :tup:
  6. Naked Chocolate in Philadelphia. Done. AMAZING.
  7. Oh good.. Bellevue is nice and close to me.

    Theo's is on Phinney Ave in Fremont. They run a factory tour which is kind of interesting.. I think it was $6/person with lots and lots of samples :nuts: I have some pics here

    edit to add- If you don't want to travel all the way to Fremont I think PCC and a few other organic grocers sell it too
  8. I must be one of the only people who does not like Godiva...I know I am strange everyone else seems to love it, but to me it is too bland and mushy. I love See's and some of the chocolates at Trader Joes (especially the dark chocolate sea salt caramels they have at holiday time).
  9. Holl's Chocolates! Swiss chocolates handmade right here in WV! OMG, they absolutely melt in your mouth. No preservatives, so you have to eat the whole box right away! :tup:
  10. Thanks! The tour sounds like a lot of fun! I'll have to check it out sometime.
  11. John and Kira's Chocolates!!!

    I never was a huge truffle fan before a friend sent us a box of J and K's. They are based out of Philly. I am now addicted to their deliciously light, creamy, and delicately flavored truffles!
  12. I like Neuhaus and Marcolini as a traditional chocolatier. Godiva is good too, but for more basic chocolate.. I am a big fan of english chocolate, such as Rose and violet creams (yum!) and the best for that would have to be charbonnel et walker (also for the best drinking chocolate imo) and Rococo - they have more quirky chocolates such as praline mushrooms.
  13. Leonidas
  14. Well - I tend to pretty equal opportunity on chocolate - I do favor chocolate decadence for my dark choco fix; all vegan chocolates - great taste....BUT -

    Can anyone help me find traditional East Coast Marzipans?

    I have been on a hunt (serious hunt) for the marzipan logs that are dipped in dark chocolate on one end and have the green sugar dip on the other end!!

    PLEASE - if you have seen these marzipans logs please PM me, or post the chocolatier here so I can order from them - I used to get these when I lived in MD and then NJ - but, out here in Colo NO ONE does marizpan....:sad:
  15. Love z truffles from lamaison du chocolat...

    That sweet magic dust covered delish of a liquid lux that melts just any heart...

    My fav. chocolate is definitely the truffles... only the magic dust covered ones...