Your favourite chanel clutch of all time!!!?

  1. Timeless clutch is gorgeous and elegant - I wish to own one, one day ...
  2. haha i really wanted to get the kiss lock but realized it is probably not as useful~~ don't have all that many occasions to use it i ended up getting WOC instead not enough money to get the mini.. which i loved! i will post pictures soon when i receive it!!
  3. Timeless clutch...
  4. Wish i could get another kisslock in a bright color :smile:)
  5. flap clutch.
  6. Timeless clutch with kiss turnlock!! Classy!!!!!
  7. is it worth to get this clutch? Lambskin or caviar? How often you wear it? Thanks
  8. Also wanting to find the right clutch. Recently went to Saks and NM and tried the timeless clutch with kiss lock and the clutch with the chain. Surprisingly the kiss lock held more than the clutch with chain. Since it a a bag to be hand held I would definitely go with the caviar. GL .
  9. Its my go to black clutch and i get a lot of use out of it. In black color i prefer lambskin, looks more puffy and luxurious than caviar.
  10. Just ordered the kisslock clutch in lambskin! The leather is divine. Now I'm wondering how I should hold and protect it while I'm out and about. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi! Congratulations on your kisslock! It is one of my favorite styles. I have 3 of them. Don't be afraid to use them... I hold it mostly carrying it in palm of my hand. I also squeeze it from the top but that is as comfortable as just letting it sit in the palm of your had which they say is the true way to carry a clutch.

    Congratulations again! Great choice!
  12. i'm thinking of getting timeless clutch!
    would you buy it in royal blue color lambskin or black cavier?

    i have jumbo in black, med/large in beige and mini in red, woc in navy.
  13. For your first timeless kisslock clutch, I would y black lambskin. It is stunning and you can wear it casual or formal. Royal blue lamb would be gorgeous too. I would not get caviar. I have seen all three leathers, lambskin, soft caviar from 12a red, and regular hard caviar. Caviar is stiff and takes away from the beauty and elegance of the purpose of a clutch. Yes... It's safe because its hard, but this is a clutch... This purse shines the best in lambskin. Pure elegance and style. Caviar doesn't do it for me. Lambskin is soft, puffy and the leather glows.

    Good luck! I have an SA and she told me she has a black lamb, black patent, and lavender patent. If you are interested in any, let me know and I can give you her name.

    I would definitely get lambskin... Gorgeous in any color. My lambs are black and yellow and I have a red 12A soft caviar. By far, lambskin is more gorgeous.

    Good luck to you and congrats in advance! I love kisslocks and can't wait for more colors.
  14. Hi blairxoxo,

    I am trying to enable you to go with black lamb, or any lamb. So gorgeous! Here is my black one. Soft, puffy, shiny... So much better than caviar or soft caviar in my opinion.

    Good luck!

  15. this is really gorgeous!!! :biggrin: royal blue lambskin or black lambskin?
    i'm also going to italy in june...i dont know if i should wait to get it there but not sure about price increase...

    do you have any in patent? i would love to see how the lavendar patent looks like?

    all my classic are in cavier! this will be my first lambskin or patent item!