Your favourite boots.

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  1. The fall is getting closer and I haven't yet found THE boots. What are your favourite pair of boots?:smile:
  2. #2 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    My boots!


    Gentle Souls Beowulf.

    And my rainboots!


    Pucci! I used to have some cute blue/green striped ones from target but I donated them after I got these.
  3. My new Jimmy Choos

  4. Oh, man! I want In And Out so badly. I loved their burgers when I lived in Hollywood.

    In and out, in and out, that's what our hamburger's all about...
  5. LOVE those JCs KittyKat!!!! You've got me wanting a pair.. I need a new pair of boots for my trip to NYC this winter!
  6. I REALLY want these TB leather/rubber rainboots.

    Practical, fashionable, and only $50 more than their signature flats. :drool: I want!!
  7. Then you'll love these. They are lined in rabbit fur to keep you toes toasty on the snowy NYC streets. :yes:
  8. Those JC are tdf:heart:
  9. I need to save up for those JCs! I found them on NAP and wish I could afford them right now!!! Maybe when it gets closer to winter I'll have saved up.. but with my luck they will be sold out by then! Does the leather look like it will hold up in snow and wetness? I'm going to be in Upstate NY before NYC and lord knows the weather is always nasty there during the winter..
  10. The leather is very soft. I would Scotchguard them to hold up against the wetter elements. Personally, I think these are more for show than practicality. They would be perfectly fine if there was no snow because they are super warm, but for over $1,000 I wouldn't risk it.
  11. ^^ thanks, it's always good to have a rational mind around :P

    I really want to find fashionable yet practical boots for the NYC trip because I cannot go to NYC and not be fashionable (and practical with all that walking)!!! At least I have a few months to search around!
  12. Have you thought about Fryes?
  13. I have not, but I'm gonna head over to Zappos and take a look now!
  14. oh no.. you've just opened a whole can of worms... I love these boots!

    Good thing I live in FL and honestly cannot even come close to rationalizing more than 1 pair, otherwise my CC would be in serious trouble.
  15. What's your favorite style? I'm quite fond of the tall Engineers... I'd totally get them in black.