Your Favourite Bag Ever Pick One

  1. Mine is the Vernis mercer keepall, whats yours ? :yahoo:

    - - - you dont have to own the bag you choose - - -
  2. Tough choice !

    I really like le fab in plum, but I think all time favourite - ambre cabas GM. 'Cause you know, it all falls down !
  3. Speedy...goes with everything!
  4. belem pm - so unique and feminine!
  5. Black SUHALI L'Ingénieux PM. :love:
  6. Im really enjoying my Messenger PM Bosphore- Im into the casual phase right now...
  7. Mono speedy.
  8. Suhali Le Fab--Blue!!
  9. I agree!:love:
  10. Dora :love: it goes with everything.. very classy.
  11. this is soo hard! I'd probably have to say...Speedy 25/ either mono or damier
  12. Either a MC Keepall or White MC Trouville. :yahoo:
  13. My favourite ever is the Mono clutch with the lizard skin & swarovski crystal that came out in 2003(?) it came in blue or purple and is beautiful. J-Lo & Victoria Beckham have it and I WANT IT :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Not sure of it's name Le Extrodanaire I think (sorry about spelling) :shame:
  14. Well, I still want a MC Petit Noe. That seems to be 'the' purse I really want.
  15. s/s 2006 shoe bag