Your favourite attribute about Chanel Bags:

  1. I suddenly realized I love Chanel because I love the story about the Classic Double Flaps. The back outter pocket is for tips, the inner flap zipper is for love notes, the interior has a compartment for lipstick...etc etc...

    I was really WOW'ed by that I think and ever since continue to LOVE flap bags :smile: Yay

    What about you guys??? Anything particular that makes Chanel stand out in your eyes?
  2. That is a great story! I do not own any Chanels (yet!!) but I aim to get one soon. The thing I like the best about them is that they are so timeless. I don't think anyone except the most severe snob is ever going to look at you and sniff "That bag is so last year!"

  3. This is the exact same reason why I :heart: chanel flap bag!!!!
  4. it was the inner zip for love notes that got me! sighs..
  5. Oh, and plus I love that because Chanel was so fed up with keep loosing her bag that she decided to put a chain so that she can carry on her shoulder.
  6. Awesome input girls - I want to hear more!!!
  7. I love the quilt and the chain. These things require skills and high quality craftmanship to make the bag looks elegant and classy. All my bags have either chain or quilt or both.
  8. I love the signature chain straps and the quilting most of all. I like the design choices of their styles. I love Gucci also but each season I may see one Gucci bag I like but I see several styles of Chanels that I want. I like how versatile many of their bags like the classic flap can rock them with jeans or to the boardroom. I like that certain classic styles never go on sale so that helps my prior purchases to retain a high resale value if in good condition. Also just the quality craftsmanship and leather that is very hard to duplicate in a fake. The only line that has been a bit difficult to spot a replica of if they get all the details correct (most do not) is the Cambon line. But all the other lines, you can spot a fake pretty quickly if you know what to look for...they never look anything like a real Chanel. I've read forums where the girls are sharing info on where to get fakes and the common theme is that no one can find a good replica Chanel. I like how Chanel as compared to other designers has a heavy presence online shutting down fake auctions and websites selling their brand. If I am going to drop $2000+ on a bag...these are all qualities that make Chanel worth every penny to me.
  9. I just love how they're always classic and I don't have to worry about never being able to match them with anything.
    Then again, I DO buy my clothes to match my bags lol.
    Anyway, I also love how I'll be able to use them for years to come :smile:
  10. I love the story about Coco and her love letters :smile:

    I've always liked the flap and the chain for as long as I can remember... goes back to my mom I think! My favorite thing about Chanel is how it can remain classic, yet incredibly fresh at the same time. Chanel really tries to keep up with the times - i.e. more silver HW than gold now, more caviar than lambskin, having funky designs each season but still keeping the classics...

    It's one of the few brands that does this - I love how Chanel constantly takes elements that it's known for - quilting, interlocking CC, chains, and comes up with fresh designs every season.
  11. I am completely infatuated with the woven leather and chain straps. I also love how carrying them makes me feel. I don't lead a very exciting life or make a whole lot of money. Almost every bit of disposable income funds my accessories obssession, so carrying a Chanel bag with my casual clothes feels that much more special.
  12. This sounds exactly like me. :yes:
  13. I'm particularly drawn by the classic flap's snap/CC closure. What a way to remember that you're carrying a chanel everytime you decide to use it. That and the quilted pattern of the classic flaps are my favorite attributes of the design of Chanel purses.
  14. I love how you just dont see many Chanel bags around! They really are special.
  15. Sometimes I wonder, did Coco know that what she created was going to turn into something so huge?