Your Favourite American Idol...?

  1. Paris kicked out yesterday, too bad isn't it?
    well, she's still very young and maybe she'll win the competition in the next years to come...
  2. kelly is amazing.
  3. I love Kelly Clarkson! & for this years idol I love love love Katherine! She has such a beautiful voice... & Chris is hot, but I still love Katherine more. =P
  4. i love kelly too. n i saw her music video recently and does anyone else feels that she slimmed down alot?
  5. She definently lost weight-supposedly she runs for an hour every day.
  6. Bo, hes a doll. But Chris from this year is in my opinion the best Idol contestant ever! He is just amazing. Kelly C. looks so strung out latley at the MTV awards about 6 months ago she looked horrible, bad blonde/yellow dye job. She looks horrible now to me, she was much cuter like 2 years ago.
  7. Kelly
  8. Kelly. I was a big fan of Diana Degarmo too! Too bad Paris left. I was a fan of her as well.