Your Favourite American Idol...?

  1. Who's u'r favourite AI until now.., and who do u think will win this season...?
    I still remember last year's surprise when I bet on Bo Bice as the winner, and then Carrie turn it upside down...
    I think Bo is a very talented person and deserved to win, but later on I realized that Carrie is such a sweetheart (no way audience would dump her..)
    well.... what do u think....

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  2. Kelly, the original!:smile:
  3. i like kelly too :biggrin: and i think chris is gonna win this year, i hope anyways!
  4. I like Kelly too! She's the only one out of all of them whose music I actually listen to.
  5. Until now it's Kelly.

    Chris is the best singer at the moment, he's got a great voice and an amazing charisma! :love:

    I like Paris too, she has got lots of energy and an unbelieveable voice for such a young woman.
  6. I loved Catherine, is she still in this years American Idol. There has been a legal dispute over here in the UK, and they have not been able to show it on mainstream TV, so I have not been able to keep up with it, but I loved her voice, and she has such a gorgeous face :smile:
  7. Katherine is still in the game. I think it'll be down to her and Chris :amuse:
  8. LOVE Kelly!!!
  9. Kelly C. has been fantastic. What a voice! I agree, I think that it will be down to Katherine and Chris this year. Even though I would vote for Katherine, I have a feeling that Chris may win.
  10. My fave is Kelly. Not to fond of Carrie.

    Where is Ruben BTW????
  11. My favorite is Kelly Clarkson. The girl can sing. I think Chris will win this season, he deserves it.
  12. I didn't watch the first season but I love Kelly. And, mock if you will, but I LOVED Clay during the season he was on! This year I'm all about Chris, then Elliott. I want them to come in 1st and 2nd!!!!!
    Chris's voice = orgasmic. :love: :love: :love:
  13. Kelly..without a doubt!
  14. I am OBSESSED with Ace Young, who was kicked off a few weeks ago. I LOVE Kelly Clarkson, HUGE FAN, and I love Carrie. Diana Degarmo too.

    For this season go Chris! I like Katharine too. I hope its them in the final 2!
  15. kelly clarkson