Your favorite yogurt brand/flavor?

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  1. This is my first post in "the kitchen"! I'm just randomly enjoying a Yoplait Original 99% Fat Free Peach yogurt (with peach chunks) at 3am..mmm heaven. Honestly I rarely have yogurts and don't know much about which brands, types, flavors are good. I tend to stick with the familiar..strawberry, blueberry, and peach (I keep typing "peace" instead of "peach" LOL..3am ramblings..).

    So school me on the good stuff, what is your favorite brand/type (fat free/creamy/chunks/etc)/and flavor! I can't believe I'm making a thread about yogurt..but this here on my spoon is so good right now it deserves a spot on TPF my second home:sleepy:. I just spent 2 whole minutes looking for the right smiley..does anyone else do that? I need sleep..:rolleyes::upsidedown::flowers:
  2. I'm pretty boring, and my favorite flavor is just strawberry. I like it with actual chunks of strawberry in it. I usually put in about a half packet of Splenda to sweeten it up.

    Actually, I haven't had yogurt in a really long time. I'm craving it now lol.

    Random, but Milano Freezer has the best frozen yogurt EVER.
  3. Yoplait (light)Blackberry, closely followed by the blueberry. MmmMmm.
  4. ^^(stephanie71)
    Oy vey. I never had yogurt when I went to Italy. It sounds sooo yummy right now. :drool: Great, now I'm really jonesing for yogurt.
  5. love stoneyfield farm yogurt, the one with all the fat in it, not the light, in vanilla. It's got this decadent layer of thick cream on top that's just too delish.
  6. Oddly, Target brand- Archer Farms in the fat free is SO good. It is really creamy- I prefer it over Yoplait. I like peach, key lime, rasberry and blackberry the best!
  7. stonyfield, chocolate underground flavor. yuuuuuuuum.
  8. Yoplait is my fave too...
  9. My favorite is Fage Greek Yogurt, full fat with honey :drool:
    I also like any of their plain ones with a little splenda and fruit cocktail mixed in...

    When it comes to American brands, I like Dannon best (plain or blackberry fruit on the bottom) and Stonyfield is decent too...
  10. Yoplait Light - Key Lime Pie & Lemon Cream Pie
  11. Wallaby Australian Yogurt - Vanilla bean, Vanilla bean banana, Key Lime, Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry, Cherry. I love the texture and the "tartness."
  12. yoplait strawberry-banana, strawberry, & blueberry...but now i must try the target brand
  13. Fage, full fat, the one with strawberry :tup: I would love to have a homemade Raw Goat or Cow milk yogurt, but just don't have the time to make the venture lately, plus I'd want Fage-texture, which means good long straining....pain in the arse, and I'm normally one to take on heavy cooking endeavors worse than this hah!
  14. my favorite is the yoplait regular-- not the lite cherry flavor with bits of cherries in there.. YUM!!