Your favorite year???

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The best year for you is?????

  1. 01

  2. 02

  3. 03

  4. 04

  5. 05

  6. 06

  7. 07

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Mine would be 2003 even if my favorite color is 04 eggplant, I'm so in love with pewter hardware.
  2. 2005 is mine all the best colours were in that year!
  3. ugh... what a toughie cuz there's different elements that I love about each year... but I'd have to say 2005 as the all around best - GREAT variation of colours (something for everybody!) although I may be biased as I love the brights... and great leather.

    Although hmm.. now that I think of it.. if we were talking more about pastel colours then 2004 was another great year filled with GREAT variation in colours and fantabulous leather...

    Ok - I changed my mind and vote for 2004 even tho my gut originally said 2005. 2004 for great colours, great leather, AND the variety in hardware!! You could get the pewter or the brass depending on the season. :biggrin:
  4. 2005, as that was the year of apple green, the most amazing colour ever!

    Seriously tho', it was a great year for really bright, rich colours, and the leather kicked ass as well.
  5. Yeah I forgot to mention the leather of the 2005's it was the best leather!
  6. 2001 - I have b-bags from assorted years - but the leather on my first edition classique le dix - is something that i've never found in any other bag. It's enough to make you weep....
  7. The o5 leather is better than the previous seasons?
  8. I LOVE almost all colors from 2004 - but especially the leather :drool::tup:
  9. 2005. What a year.:drool:
  10. The leather was super soft
  11. 2006, I love rougevif, greige, blueberry and emerald!
  12. I have only see one 04 a couple of 06 and 07 so my opinion is slightly biased. I voted 04 because my 04 first has thick leather that is so soft.
  13. 2004. Fabulous leather all year, great colors and 2 kinds of hardware. On the whole, the best.
  14. '02 baby! 2 seasons of Flat Brass and one of Pewter Hardware on luscious suede. The original Flat Hobo is super cool IMO, it's strap is long enough I can wear it messenger-style and the curved top opening is lovely.
  15. Here are some picture summaries of 2004 and 2007 colors as a refresher;). I made these collages when I first discovered Balenciaga I was so obsessed and still am!