Your favorite white pants? I am looking for some

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  1. I am trying to get together a nice collection of pants and I have 3 pairs of white pants, none of which look so great. Two of them you can see everything I tuck in and the other pair I like if it weren't for the pockets. I love white pants. I think they look so chic with anything.

    Anyone have any white pants they love?
  2. I got a pair of white pants (more of a jean material) from Old Navy, they are called "Diva" and they fit really great and are my favorite pair! Usually Express has really cute white pants as well!
  3. I never thought to try Old Navy! A couple of my favorite things came from there a couple seasons ago. I constantly get compliments on them which is so funny to me because they run much less expensive than my other items.
    Thanks for the idea.
  4. YM! Thats how it usually is though, the less expensive items you get more compliments on, funny how it works out that way sometimes... :smile:
  5. I agree on old navy! :tup: I have some white skinny's that are called stretch.
  6. I got mine at gap last summer. Don't remember style name though they aren't skinny but definitely straight leg

    I love old navy too
  7. But don't they get dirty really do you keep them looking white?
  8. I have a couple pairs of white denim from J brand, Siwy, and Rich and Skinny. During the summer I wear them a lot. To keep mine white, I wash them separately with bleach,and let them go through two rinse cycles. NEVER put them in the dryer, it can make your jeans turn yellow!
  9. I am looking into buying my first pair of white pants :smile:. But the underwear issue concerns me. What kind of underwear do you use under these white pants so that you don't have any VPL's or too bare bottoms :smile:
  10. I would wear nude underwear for sure. I just found an awesome pair of white cords at Banana Republic and they are on sale. They are sooo comfortable and they are that really soft type of cord. I'm totally considering getting them but I am a little concerned about how dirty they will get. I guess I will just have to try to always wash them seperately or maybe just dryclean.
  11. My only concern with white pants has always been the hem on the ground. I always just assumed the pants themselves would get as dirty or not dirty as all as my cream and white colored tops. BUT... don't laugh but I put clear tape on the hem of my pants on the back part only that would drag or lightly graze the ground. I put it on either side of the hem and the bottom of the hem and I swear you cannot see the tape on the white pants especially from up high and they don't get dirty..its kind of wet proof b/c its a shield and any dirt you can wipe off of the tape. I know its weird but it works for me.