Your favorite wallet/card case for your Medium/Large Flap

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  1. I have a huge LV wallet that I am using on a regular basis and it pretty much takes over my whole bag! :sad:

    So.... I need to buy another wallet so that I can actually use my medium flap on a normal day (instead of just for evening functions).

    Looking at the "whats in your purse" and being an organization junkie. makes me drool over all those SLG's... I think I am now dying to have a LV vernis reddish key pouch or cles (still new to SLG's so Im not even sure what the correct name is here.)

    So.. for YOU... from any brand... what is YOUR favorite wallet/card case , key pouch or any organizer that goes into your Chanel Medium Bag?

    The whats in your purse thread doesn't always have the name of the pieces.
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  2. My favorite wallet across all bags is the Chanel zip around card holder. It opens up like an accordion and has three card slots. It holds a lot despite of its small size. I use LV mini pochette in addition to this and these two are the best combo!!! Hope this helps
  3. IMG_20170830_102851163.jpg

    I have different Chanel sized wallets and this is the one I keep coming back to. It fits my keys, cards, and cash. It's the perfect little wallet for me.
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  4. I use the Chanel O pouch. It's a little bigger than a card case and has a zipper top. I like it bc it holds my cards, change, cash, and my keys all in one. I hate having multiple SLG's in my bag bc it just takes more room, so I wanted something that does it all.
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  5. What is this called?
  6. is this an o'case? if so, what is the size? I'm curious about the style code and year/collection this was from? I think this is much smaller than the mini ocase? it looks so cute! :smile:
  7. I have the mini o case and the flap cardholder (with button close). between the 2 I actually prefer the cardholder for organizing my bills and credit cards. I find the mini o'case is still a bit too big for the M/L or my mini bags, even though it does fit. I do carry my key case and phone with me so I want something that I can throw in without having to adjust for spacing. the mini o case though is perfect for when I wear a jumbo or something a bit larger than the M/L because then I can put extra stuff in there like more cosmetics etc for days when I just need some extras. hope this helps.
  8. IMG_1504181064.739077.jpg
    This is my current wallet as I use mini bags. It's the zip around coin purse with 3 compartments - I use one for cards, one for coins, one for notes.
  9. This is the one with the keyring attached. It is 4.5" x 3". I bought this 4 or 5 years ago.
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  10. I don't have a m/l, but for small bags I use an Hermes Calvi.

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  12. Ah I see. that is the perfect size.
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  13. I bought this little cutie for my m/l flap and WOC.
  14. For my medium, i use chanel card holder. Its great size for a WOC as well!
  15. I use a Chanel flat card holder for cards that require easy access (transport pass, main cards). The Chanel mini o-case for cash, points cards plus small random stuff such as hair ties and pins. LV key cles for keys. The Hermes Bastia I use to keep my earphones.
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