Your favorite vernis color ??


Your favorite vernis color ? why ?

  1. noisette

  2. perle

  3. framboise

  4. indigo

  5. red

  6. marshmallow

  7. mint

  8. baby blue

  9. fuschia

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  1. #1 : noisette
    #2 : perle
    #3 : framboise
    #4 : indigo
    #5 : red
    #6 : marshmallow
    #7 : mint
    #8 : baby blue
    #9 : fuchsia
  2. I have to say from the existing colors the red/rouge is abfab. I don´t have anything in it though. Everything is hot to me. Love Vernis!
  3. LOVE the vernis line and can´t make up my mind, except on the fact that some colors are discontinued !!
  4. My favorite vernis color is red. :heart:
  5. I'm not a huge fan of the Vernis line, but the fuchsia is just adorable ....:love:
  6. I prefer the Noisette color due to the fact it is a great neutral color!
  7. My fave is bronze, followed by the lovely noisette and then the indigo.
  8. I love indigo. Its such a fab color. :love:
  9. my favorite is framboise followed by perle. but perle is so high maintenance.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.